The curious case of our iOS app [updated]

UPDATE APR, 2012: At last! After a long wait, Prey is now back on the App store.

As you know, a couple of months ago we released a new client for the iOS platform. Exciting moment it was. The following weeks we got lots of feedback — both good and bad, some of it very constructive — and the app was also featured on a number of respectful tech sites on the Internext.

So everything was going just fine and dandy until one day the app suddenly dissapeared from the phase of the App Store without giving any trace. What the –?

Well here’s what happened.

We pushed a new release containing a number of fixes and UI improvements and Apple not only rejected the update but unanimously decided to take the whole app down. Funnily, though, the app was rejected for stuff that hadn’t even changed from version one.

We thought this would be a quick process — which is why we didn’t blog about this until now — but it’s already been more than a month so we though it would be good to give everyone the full scoop on what’s going on.