Six Guides for Teaching Kids How to be Safer- Digital Citizens

Leverage these interactive teaching resources in the classroom to empower kids in online etiquette and security concepts as early as their introduction to digital devices. After all, physical security isn’t the only concern anymore, and caring for a kid’s safety in this new online front is a must to avoid threats such as phishing, privacy exposure, and scams.

k-12 cybersecurity it directo

The Security Challenges of K-12 IT Directors

Schools inside the K-12 spectrum have become a frequent target for cyber threats that seek to hold both data, and infrastructure, hostage. Learn the challenges IT directors face, and what concerns them the most regarding the implementation of security against data breaches, ransomware, and other attacks.

The Student Awareness Kit: Making Students More Security Savvy

In an effort to help our partnered schools spread digital awareness, we have created our first Poster Kit! It is crucial that, as students move through the education system, they are provided with the basics skills to identify common threats, avoid malicious sites, and protect their identity online.

Student Privacy Online - Records

Three Laws That Protect Students’ Online Data and Privacy

Controlling the privacy of students was a matter of locking records up back then. Now, in the digital classroom era, the risk of leaks increased, and the unwanted collection of data through unregulated online platforms and software caused the need for smarter privacy laws.