Take Control of Laptop Lending: Securing K-12 Mobile Device Fleets

Deploying a fleet of laptops, tablets, and mobiles in an educational space requires an understanding of the key elements that must take place to ensure proper usage, their security, and beneficial leverage.

Understanding the Student Privacy Problem

The breach of a student’s data privacy is not a recent concern, but one that is only now starting to gain attention due to the consequences of a public lack of concern. It is time to understand this issue, and treat it

Ransomware and Phishing Issues in Educational Institutions

Using cybersecurity basics, advisory from experienced third parties and MSSPs, schools and school districts can reduce their exposure to ransomware and phishing risks.

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Troubleshooting a fresh Prey install in macOS Catalina

With the latest macOS update, Catalina, Apple has made changes to the way it verifies software, taking an app-approach were a security clearance is needed. Users running this OS version might face an installation issue, that can be resolved, until the verification is integrated


Six Uber-Guides for Teaching Kids How to be Better -and Safer- Digital Citizens

Leverage these interactive teaching resources in the classroom to empower kids in online etiquette and security concepts as early as their introduction to digital devices. After all, physical security isn’t the only concern anymore, and caring for a kid’s safety in this new online front is a must to avoid threats such as phishing, privacy exposure, and scams.


The Essentials to IT Cybersecurity Guide

Cybersecurity is meant for any kind of organization. Software developers, schools, hospitals, and retail are all subject to vulnerabilities that put their data, personnel, and resources at risk. Kickstart your IT cybersecurity strategy with this free introductory eBook on best practices, common threats, and security frameworks!