5 great Chrome extensions for IT Managers

Awesome chrome extensions for IT managersChrome is the world’s most used web browser, and whether you like it or not, 73% of Internet users have it as their preferred option, and this number keeps increasing each month.

If you love Chrome or you’re being forced to use it for work, that experience can always be improved using extensions. And we’ve compiled a list of five we think would be very useful for IT Managers to install in an organization, either to make the department work better or for your own personal benefit.


Aaah, the Internet and its endless stream of wonders. We’ve all been there. You must work but suddenly you have the urge to check that thread you made in Reddit, or an interesting article about mating habits of snow seals pops up and you MUST read it. Weren’t you supposed to be working? Who cares. Seals are now your life.


StayFocusd helps you… well… stay focused in your work by putting a timer on how much time you can spend on social media, news feeds or anything you add, and then blocking those sites for the rest of the day.

The extension has appeared on numerous news outlets and is considered one of the best productivity apps around. Now all it takes is to have the willpower to install it and say goodbye to those countless time wasters.

Lazarus Form Recovery

You’re working on something in your browser. Maybe writing a report on Google Drive or even coding, and suddenly, there’s a blackout, or some kid tripped on a wire. Or you got Blue Screen of Death’d. Things like this happen. You take it calmly and then proceed to punch the heck out of your screen in rage for losing all your day’s work.

Don’t worry citizen, Lazarus Form Recovery is here to help. This data recovery extension will save everything you type and will keep a record of it in the cloud, so if you were to lose something because of unexpected accident and autosave didn’t work you’ll still have this option to recover your work

Now it’s up to you. Are you going to risk your work or you’d rather be prepared?

Panic Button

When you’re an IT professional, there are some moments when you just must wait and see what happens. Dead time when at work is something that happens. Sometimes you’re waiting for a call or everything is in order and you’re passing time until a department requires your help.

This doesn’t happen every day, heck, sometimes it doesn’t happen for months, but when it does, why not check that sweet sweet Internet for some entertainment.

Now here’s the thing, not everyone will understand that you’re free and are just passing time. So why let them be mad in the first place. Enter Panic Button. With this extension with just a click all your tabs will close and show whatever you chose. This way you’ll be free to pass your time when being productive is not an option.

WOT: Web of Trust

The Internet is a scary place. You know when downloading something you must guess which one is the real download button among a sea of ads prompting you to just click on them.

Phishing sites, malware and shortened urls can be dangerous for your whole organization you’re not careful. Therefore, WOT was created.

Web of Trust will rank websites based on input of millions of users based on Crowdsourcing. This way, other web surfers (is that term still used? Am I too old?) will tell you if a site is trustworthy or if it not worth your time.

They can help you not make the same mistakes they did like downloading a virus, and for that, I salute my fallen comrades.


Tabs. Do you remember life without them? It was hell. Hell I say. Multiple windows of Internet Exploring stacking each other, that is if your dial-up connection allowed it.

Maybe we’re expressing our PTSD from that era, because now it isn’t rare for a browser window to have over 12 tabs open at the same time, usually with pages we haven’t visited for a while or one with a Google search with “Lenny Face” just because, which keep adding memory usage to the already consuming Chrome.

With OneTab, you can keep your tabs in one comfy place while also keeping them in a list for easy access. With it, all your tabs will close and become a list, which will save up to 95% of memory while also giving you the option to recover them to the exact point they were when you clicked on the extension.

Do you know other extensions that might help your colleagues? Leave a comment with your suggestion, we’d love to build another list with your feedback.


Nicolas Poggi

Nicolas Poggi

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