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6 Must-Follow Podcasts for IT Professionals

Top five podcasts for it professionals

Being an IT professional has its perks. One thing that some might agree on is that when you work in IT you’re just sitting. A lot. Doing nothing but being worried about your asset management in front of a computer. But even if your hands and eyes are busy coding or preparing a workflow, your ears are still clear. You can use them to expand professionally, have fun and learn new things while you work.

Therefore, we’ve selected 6 Podcasts you can listen to at work, learning from other experts on the latest trends, practices or just small talk about this line of work. Another plus is that fewer people will bother you if they see you with a headset and look busy. Trust me, it works.

Risky Business

Risky PizSoftware and hardware security is a pain point for any IT professional, so how about catching up with the latest information about it in an informative-yet-funny Podcast hosted by the tech journalist Patrick Gray.

Started in 2007, this podcasts has over 700 episodes and it talks about software threats, news about recent attacks like DDoSS, and how security is and should be handled in the different types of business, all with a unique style that is bound to hook more than one.


DebugApple developers can feel at home with this podcast, hosted by Guy English, an iOS developer and Rene Ritchie, an iMore reporter. The show is all about the silver-coated company and its news, tips and latest innovations.

Described like the talk in the bar after the conference, this podcast is a bit more serious than others in this list, but it is a great listen for those who spend all their time working and developing on Apple computers.

With over 80 episodes since it started in 2012, you can find most of the library for this podcast on its website, but the latest files are available only in, you guessed it, iTunes.


HanselminuteHosted by Scott Hanselman (he’s very famous, you can check it on his website), this podcast is a weekly talk all about the industry. While he’s an expert in his area, he will go into different topics in every episode with new guests every week.

His library goes over 500 episodes and even old ones can help IT professionals get some insights into what other members of this industry are up to, or learning about their history and experience and how you can apply their knowledge into your line of work.

Packet Pushers

Packet PushersAre you fed up with learning? Do you want to listen to developers and journalists comment on what is going on in a more humane point of view? Then the Packet Pushers Podcast is for you.

Hosted by a community of developers and professionals of the same name, this Podcast talks about how the IT world is right now, in lengthy conversations without restriction, in subjects such as what is wrong with the industry, the future of networking and others with special guests and based on giving opinions more than information.

If you like listening to people talking about what you love, while also learning about new things and what others think about it, this podcast is a match from heaven.

Three Devs and a Maybe

Three Dev and a maybeThis podcast series might be advertised as being for beginners and enthusiasts, but don’t be fooled, this program is a perfect guide of good practices and a reminder of everything you shouldn’t forget about the work you do every day.

Hosted by four young but experienced web developers (the maybe stopped being a maybe some time ago), this podcast is one of the most laid back offered in this list, but it is also one of the more comfortable ones to listen to while working.

Being a talk between 4 friends, it makes you feel like you’re on a round table listening to them instead of just being part of an audience, and it’s completely recommended for professionals who want to be in touch with what’s new, while also never letting go the foundations of what they do.

MSP VoiceMSP Voice podcast

The last podcast on our list is MSP Voice by CloudBerry! It has Doug Hazelman, an industry veteran with 20 years of experience in software, talking each week with different managed service providers about their business.

Are you part of an MSP? Then Voice could be your go-to resource when looking learn how to expand and grow your business. The stories cover the complete spectrum of MSP development, from the beginnings and early stages of an interviewees business, to niche topics like ‘How do you do CRM?’ and customer security.

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