Some good news

It’s been crazy, since our last post things have changed wildly, most of them are good news, and that’s what i’m going to tell you. So, to begin with I would like to thank you all for spreading the word about Prey.

The Situation

Thanks to your help, the users count growth a 200%. We initially expected a slow rise but the things were quite different. In just a few weeks since Control opened the numbers were awesome, none of us expected them.

As you may know days ago when some of you tried to sign up the service was unable to send you the confirmation emails, that was because our email provider thought that we were sending spam due the huge amount sent every day. Days later the problem was that the service sent a lot of “Service Errors”, not allowing the people make use of it and finally the Server went down for a few hours.

This can only mean one thing: the server is working at full capacity.

We’re now in the process of migrating to a new home — this time a dedicated server –, but even if this solves all the problems I just mentioned, it give us a new one… Money. As you know, and I repeat it again, this software and service are Free & Open-Source and it’s going to stay like that forever, even if we have to work twice as we do now. And remember, you are always welcome to donate some cents, code or even both :D.

The Giveaway

Because we love you, and we want to make your life easier, we have done a Screencast of how install Prey. Because of my bad spoken English I preferred to do it in Spanish, but I also added English subtitles so you can understand what I’m saying. Of course, if you want to help us translate it to other languages, send us a mail and we’ll send you the subtitles to do it. Even better, if you can give us your voice, it would be nice to dub it.

In the other news, I can tell you we are working on new modules and also developer documentation so anyone can create new modules more easily. We’ve noticed that Windows users have been able to uninstall Prey easily, as well in Ubuntu. As for other linux distros, those users are capable enough to use the Shell and work with commands (well, most of them) but we’ve realized that not all Mac users know how to use the terminal, and others get scared just for hearing about commands so I want to tell you that we are working in a graphical, clean and easy way to do it and should be available soon.

Oh, and I almost forgot that we’ve done a nicer DMG (the package where the Mac Installer comes).