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Android Recovered at Iquique, Chile | Lost+Found: Case IQ-99

When your pants have short pockets and your phone falls out and gets lost Prey will be there for you to help retrieve it!

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– Case Type: Lost in public transport.

– Location: Iquique, Chile.

– Date Lost: 11/17/2018.

– Recovery Time: 1 hour.

– Missing Item: Android Phone.

Our User’s Story: Lost in a Taxi, Fell Out of His Pocket

I took a taxi back home and my phone fell out of my pocket, they are quite small! I got out of the taxi and headed back home, that’s when I realized I didn’t have my phone with me. I called it from another device and didn’t get any answer, so I immediately connected to Prey through my laptop and marked it as MISSING.

Prey gave me my phone’s last location and kept updating it as it moved, giving me the whole ride it made and its final destination. I sent several messages to the phone and blocked it, insisting with several calls. After all these actions I managed to get an answer.

Since I knew where the phone was, I went there and called it again and arranged its retrieval. Thanks to Prey’s actions and the denied access screen I managed to keep it safe until the taxi driver willingly handed it over.

Final thoughts: Due to past experiences I thought I’d have to get a new phone and block the lost one! However, I did get it back and I’m grateful.

When things like this happen, better be ready.

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Nicolas Poggi

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