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Control Panel for mobiles ahoy!


As you know, recovering your stolen laptop or tablet is all about getting the right information on time, and of course, keeping a record of it. Chances are that if you ever lose sight of yours, it will probably happen while away from home — in a café, on the bus, on top the Empire State, who knows. Thing is, you need a quick way to trigger Prey into sending the device’s location while on the run. And that’s one of the things we’ve been working on.

Say hello to our little friend

We just pushed a new release of the Control Panel that features a mobile-ready version, which will be rendered whenever it detects that it’s being accessed through a mobile device. This way, you can quickly activate Prey or check incoming reports for your devices from your phone or tablet.

Why mobile?

Our goal is to deliver the best way of protecting your digital devices, and we believe that a good user experience provides a more effective use of the tool. In other words, we want you to get the most out of Prey whether you’re using a phone, laptop or a piano to track your assets. (Just kidding about the piano, by the way).

What can or can’t I do?


You can do everything that you would normally in the desktop version, except for a few things, such as the advanced configuration of your device (e.g. ciphered instructions or auto-update). If you need to do that, you can simply switch back to the desktop version and hit the “Mobile version” at the bottom to go back. In addition, the mobile version features a new way of triggering actions which feel much more natural, since it does not require “Saving changes” as the desktop version does (which we’ll be changing in a few weeks).

Any unsupported phones?

Good question. Currently only iOS 5+ and Android 2+ are supported, so if you’re using an older version or a different platform (e.g. Firefox or Opera) you may encounter ghosts. We want — and we will — support different platforms but this will take some time so please be patient. Besides we thought of supporting the main platforms that are used by our users, and then kick off with other less common ones.

Where to get it?

Just head over to panel.preyproject.com using your mobile device and you’ll be able to use it! There’s no special app to be downloaded since it works directly over the browser — that’s why only modern mobile browsers (Android, iOS) are currently supported. 🙂


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