Device Security in Education: Carol Morgan School

Device Security in Education: Carol Morgan School

Educational institutions are entering the digital era, and thus expanding their device fleets to laptops, tablets, and more devices to give their students and teachers new learning opportunities.

The Institution: Carol Morgan School

Founded in 1933, Carol Morgan School is a private, international school with 1100 students located on 15 acres in the capital city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The curriculum consists of a U.S. college-preparatory private school in English.

Upon graduation, 98% of the graduates continue forward and go to colleges and universities in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Dominican Republic.

Carol Morgan is broken into three schools. The elementary school has 34 classrooms, the middle school has 15 classrooms and the high school has 23 classrooms. Overall, the school has over 400 computers.

The facility also has a library and technology center, an art pavilion, band and choir classrooms, a sports facility with two soccer fields and a baseball field. The school also has an outdoor amphitheater for events.


The Struggle: Tracking 400 Mobile Devices

For students, the Carol Morgan School maintains a bring your own device (BYOD) policy. However, computers are provided for teachers and staff. In 2017, Harold Ortiz, IT Director for Carol Morgan School, moved all teachers and staff from desktop computers to laptops.

This gave everyone the ability to take their mobile devices home when necessary and also added the task of monitoring and tracking these devices whenever they left the school campus.

“We reviewed other offerings, but like Prey Anti Theft because it can be used on any device, whether it’s a tablet, Chromebook or a laptop” said Harold Ortiz.

Harold Ortiz evaluated a number of mobile security products, then settled on Prey Anti Theft software as the best solution for managing the school’s fleet of mobile laptops. The school has licensed Prey for 150 or its laptops and plans on expanding that license to cover all 400 devices in its mobile fleet.

“What I liked most, however, is that once Prey is installed, the device user does not see the icon, so the teachers do not even know that it is there.”, Ortiz added. 

The Perks:

Carol Morgan School is taking full advantage of the ability of Prey Anti Theft to manage a large fleet of mobile devices. Prey’s multi-device management capabilities enable Ortiz to streamline oversight of the school’s mobile environment with both group actions control and advance search and label features.

Geofencing – Ortiz has set up geofencing controls so that the system knows when a teacher has taken a device off campus and when it comes back. If a teacher takes a device home, and it’s not back by the middle of the week, Ortiz can send a message requesting that they bring it back.

File Recovery – Enables the retrieval of sensitive information via email with a download link of data once a lost or stolen device comes online. Ortiz has tested the file recovery function and found that it worked well.

Reports – Should a laptop go missing, Prey makes it easy to generate a report for the authorities to help them track down and retrieve the device.

Rapid Implementation – Ortiz was able to deploy Prey Anti Theft on 150 devices in only two days.

Low Cost – Because Prey Anti Theft is open source software, it is significantly less expensive than other comparable mobile security applications.

Management – The two-person IT staff is able to track devices via the Prey dashboard with a minimal time investment.

Peace of Mind – While Ortiz has yet to use Prey to retrieve a lost or stolen device, he finds that the program is working very well as a way to track the whereabouts of 150 school laptops.

“We receive email notifications when a device goes active. If a teacher takes a laptop home and does not bring it back after the weekend, I can send a polite reminder to bring it back. So far we have registered 150 devices with Prey Anti Theft and plan to accelerate our Prey deployment to all 400 mobile devices”

Is your school’s mobile fleet secure yet? Protect your technological assets and ensure a smooth transition into the digital-classroom.

Nicolas Poggi

Nicolas Poggi

Nicolas Poggi is the head of mobile research at Prey, Inc., provider of the open source Prey Anti-Theft software protecting eight million mobile devices. Nic’s work explores technology innovations within the mobile marketplace, and their impact upon security. Nic also serves as Prey’s communications manager, overseeing the company’s brand and content creation. Nic is a technology and contemporary culture journalist and author, and before joining Prey held positions as head of indie coverage at TheGameFanatics, and as FM radio host and interviewer at IndieAir.