Give it up for the P team!

Give it up for the P team!

As you know, our mission is to make the best anti-theft solution out there (in other words, achieve world domination). And that requires people! We haven’t written much about the team behind Prey so we though it was time to show some of the faces of the people in charge of the battlestation.

Meet the newest members of the Prey team!

Benny “Beat” Rodríguez

bennyThe first new addition was Benny, the Spaniard of Prey. He’s an engineer, our chief translator and is also in charge of user support. He’s helped translating Microsoft Office, Windows, Firefox, Google products and a gazillion other tech projects to Spanish and Catalan. Benny is also in the show business, with experience as an actor and as a radio host at his city, Barcelona. He’s new in the team but those of you at the support forums probably know Benny already.

Fabián “Fabdango” Núñez


Fab joined shortly after Benny. He’s in charge of generating blog content that will help you stay secure and safe, our Twitter account and our dazzling monthly newsletters. Fabián is a chilean journalist mostly interested in new media, and wanted to work in a newspaper until he decided to join the Prey team. He sings from his schooldays and once performed in a musical theater production (we’re still waiting for the videos that prove it). Fabián loves nonfiction narrative, open source software, Chinese food and playing old-school video games.

Joaquín “CR7” Figueroa

JoaquinJoaquín arrived just two weeks ago! He’s our senior graphics designer who’s now in charge of improving the experience of using Prey, as a whole. He’s an expert in usability and user experience. Joaquín joined this ride because he thinks Prey is a rewarding product to develop—it’s not just a piece of software but it also empowers people. He’s also a vinyl collector who loves riding his fixed-gear bike to move around the city.

José “Headshot” Larenas

JoseLast but not least, there’s José Ignacio. José is an intern focused on developing new marketing strategies. He’s a student at University of Chile’s Business School and he’s exploring — guess what — new business opportunities — bingo — around Prey. José’s also been a rugby player for 13 years and during that time he’s been in a few Junior World Cups. He currently plays for Chile’s Senior national team.

Everyone, say cheese!

Fabián Núñez


Head of Sales and Customer Happiness at @preyproject. I love tech and Asian food. Headbanging since 2002. Overall badass.