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Laptop Recovered at Buenos Aires, Argentina | Lost+Found: Case AR-96

There’re all sort of opportunists waiting to snatch your laptop, like these umbrella-wielding thieves! They robbed our user’s car in an odd fashion, and he got them back using Prey to give evidence to the police

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– Case Type: Stolen From Car.

– Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

– Date Lost: 27/04/2019

– Recovery Time: 11 days.

– Missing Item: Two Windows Laptops.

Our User’s Story: The Umbrella Gang.

First of all, thanks, thanks a lot to Prey’s team! I went to a club in Buenos Aires to look for some papers. My wife and daughter stayed in the car waiting for me, but then came to me scared because an odd-looking criminal started doing weird gestures to them and twirl and umbrella.

They exited the car and joined me in the club. I didn’t think much of this incident, but apparently some other criminals were lurking around and, since the car was left alone, they took the opportunity to break in.

They broke into our car and took two laptops we own. Thank god we had Prey in one of them. Days passed, and the thieves dared to go online.

I was on top of Prey’s reports, so as soon as I got them I extended the police report I had already filed with my assigned inspectors. We had everything in the reports! SSID, and MAC Address.

What came next was a series of judicial efforts that cleared the way for the police to break into the thieves’ house -maybe the house of someone who had bought it!- and voila, my laptops were recovered.

Now I simply need to go fetch it to the police station, where it has been safely stored. It was great! I don’t have enough words to describe how much I love Prey.

Final thoughts: I’m so happy! Thank you, team, for helping me get my dear computer back, now I’ll have to see what they have done to the data.

About the author

Nicolas Poggi

Nicolas Poggi is the head of mobile research at Prey, Inc., provider of the open source Prey Anti-Theft software protecting eight million mobile devices. Nic’s work explores technology innovations within the mobile marketplace, and their impact upon security. Nic also serves as Prey’s communications manager, overseeing the company’s brand and content creation. Nic is a technology and contemporary culture journalist and author, and before joining Prey held positions as head of indie coverage at TheGameFanatics, and as FM radio host and interviewer at IndieAir.