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Laptop Recovered at Santiago, Chile | Lost+Found: Case PP-49

Sometimes, law enforcement fails to deliver when there’s lack of evidence. That’s when Prey comes in handy, pushing the investigation forward!

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– Case Type: Lost in public transport.

– Location: Santiago, Chile.

– Date Lost: 2017.

– Recovery Time: 15 months.

– Missing Item: Windows Laptop.

Our User’s Story: Recovering a Laptop After the Case was Closed.

Some thieves broke into my house and stole my laptop. I went to the police, opened a case, and testified to the prosecution. However, according to them, there weren’t sufficient records to investigate and the case was closed.
After a few months, I got about 8 evidence reports to my email account, with pictures and geographic locations showing where my laptop was. I got in touch with the Public Ministry and requested the case to be reopened.
The Investigation Police was involved and they found the address of the person who had bought my stolen laptop. It was still there! Thanks to this free service I got it back, it was without a doubt crucial to getting my computer back.

Final thoughts: Relieved. I did find that might laptop had been formatted, but there still was sensible info that could have been quite harmful if lost.

When things like this happen, better be ready.

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