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Laptop Recovered at Gelsenkirchen, Germany | Lost+Found: Case LX-44

Using Prey, this user managed to recover his windows laptop after forgetting it outside! What’s more, he made a new friend in the process.

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– Case Type: Misplaced in store.

– Location: Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

– Date Lost: 14/04/2019

– Recovery Time: 1 day.

– Missing Item: Windows Laptop.

Our User’s Story: The New Friend.

I put my groceries and my laptop case near the garage door to close the door, but because it was too dark, I somehow forgot to pick up the laptop!

After reporting the device as missing and sending a message to my laptop, I waited and the next morning I got a report from Prey with the exact location. Then, a few minutes later, I got an email from a person who had found my laptop.

He asked me to call him to arrange the return, and I got it back. Seems like I’ve made a new friend this way, thank you! 🙂

Final thoughts: Relieved. Not only did I save the money for a new laptop, but I’m also relieved that my data is safe.

Nicolas Poggi

Nico Poggi is Prey's growth and mobile research manager at Prey Inc, exploring innovations, and the evolution of the security and privacy landscape. Nico also serves as the brand's curator, overseeing the company's voice across its platform and communications.