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Location History and Fleet Status Dashboard | Feature Release

Keep a tab on your device’s daily location history, and get a better insight into your enterprise’s fleet status to easily detect oddities.

In the past months, we’ve been making silent updates and improvements all over the place, focusing on overall server performance and response time. But today’s another story! We already have released File Retrieval for iOS devices, and now it’s time to deliver two major user requests: the Location History and the Fleet Status Dashboard.

Both features are in a Beta state. The Location History is free and open to the public (it will become part of our paid plans in future updates), while the Dashboard is only available for Enterprise users.

The Location History

Remember when we presented the Aware Tracking setting? It gives users the chance of selecting how they want to track their devices. When ON (default), Prey tracks them periodically, with smart movement detection and timed checks; when OFF, it only does when they request and refresh it manually at the Online Panel.

Now it’s time to show the Location History! (Though a sneak-peek version was already available, te-hee). They work great together. The Aware Tracking keeps a tab on your device’s daily journey, and you can check where and when it went using the Location History at your Online Panel.

Neat, right? You can filter past locations by day, see which hours present more activity and view specific locations. Where can you find this? 

Log into your account at the Online Panel and click on a device, you’ll see that the pin shown in the map now shows a new link: Show Previous Locations. Give it a click and you’ll enter the brand new Location History view.

The Fleet Status Dashboard for Enterprises

On our Enterprise folder of features, we have been collaborating with users who administer large device fleets in businesses and schools to create the first version of the Fleet Status Dashboard.

Are you looking to secure your organization’s mobile device fleet? Find a tailored plan for you, and unlock the Dashboard right away!

It provides a brief and a graphic look at the organization’s fleet status, their connectivity, demographics, last received reports, and the number of missing devices, among other things. Let’s take a look at it.

Fleet Status Dashboard

Where can you find this? Well, this is the new Enterprise panel’s home page. It will be the first thing you see when logging in, and you can come back to it anytime by clicking the Prey logo at the top of the menu. We will continue to upgrade and grow this new home page and the data displayed with the feedback we receive from all enterprise users.

That’s it for today! Thanks for being part of our platform, and stay tuned for further updates. Need help with the Location History? Visit the Help page.

Nicolas Poggi

Nico Poggi is Prey's growth and mobile research manager at Prey Inc, exploring innovations, and the evolution of the security and privacy landscape. Nico also serves as the brand's curator, overseeing the company's voice across its platform and communications.