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Lost+Found: Case 4F9K – San Antonio, USA

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  • Location: San Antonio, Texas
  • Date Stolen: April 23, 2012
  • Date Recovered: May 31, 2012
  • Theft: Car window smashed
  • Missing items: Backpack with Macbook, iPod, Calculators, Textbooks
  • Police reaction: Typical smash and grab, told me to try looking around craigslist or flea markets.
  • Time it took for first report to arrive: About a month
  • Once received, time it took for police to recover it: About a week after first report, when several reports came in they took action the next day and found it.
  • Final thoughts: I was surprised, I didn’t think I would hear from it again.

Full story below: From my Disability Mac Blog

I left my backpack in my friend’s truck to see someone perform at a karaoke competition. I know better than to leave anything in plain sight but since it was at a bar I assumed it was frowned upon to bring in a backpack so I took my chances. When we returned to the truck, his back window was smashed and both our backpacks were gone. My stomach was in knots and I felt so sick.

The police took down the information and didn’t seem to think we would see our stuff again unless we were willing to scour all flea markets and craigslist ads. I didn’t hear anything for about a month so I assumed they wiped my laptop without ever having connected to a wifi.

I was certainly very surprised when I got my first notification from my PREY about a month later. It included a very precise address, wifi router name, programs running etc, screen shot and picture of the person.

The first notice didn’t have a good picture of the user. I sent the information to the police and didn’t hear back. About a week later (last night, 5/30/12) I received another notice with a very good picture, same location. Then another, then another! 5 Notices in total, each of which I forwarded to the police.

This morning I got a call from a detective and in the afternoon he went knocking on the door of the house that my laptop was located at. He talked to the family. They had bought it at a flea market out of some guys trunk. I went to the police station an hour later and picked it up. I have never been so surprised. This would not have happened if not for PREY. Thank you so much.

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