Lost+Found: Case GR87 – FuntCase’s stolen laptop recovered in Los Angeles, CA

Lost+Found: Case GR87 – FuntCase’s stolen laptop recovered in Los Angeles, CA


  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Date Stolen: April 20th, 2014
  • Date Recovered: April 20th, 2014
  • Theft: Stolen from bag in plane
  • Missing items: Macbook Pro Retina
  • Police reaction: The police said nothing, they just retrieved it instantly with the given info
  • Time it took for first report to arrive: 5 minutes after I pressed “missing”… instantly. As soon as thief used internet I got an email!
  • Once received, time it took for police to recover it: Within 10 minutes of report of stolen item
  • Final thoughts: Felt so shocked that the app worked!!

Full story below:

I am a well known DJ and I shared two stories with the public on my FaceBook fan page. Here are the two stories:

The day I reported it and thief was caught

On the last day of my USA mini tour, I was so tired from travelling so much that I somehow ended up leaving my MacBook Retina at security in Atlanta Airport. I didn’t realise this till I was in LAX airport and fully freaked out… I then go into this free app I installed on my laptop which if my MacBook goes missing, I can remotely control it. I.e. Leave messages on the screen, lock it etc etc. Anyway, I turn on the “missing” mode and it turns on all security features and one of those features is the second someone gets on the internet, my camera takes a screenshot of their face. So get this… 10mins after I report it as missing, I get an email saying that they have details of the thief (at this point I assumed security would have picked it up). I check my email and it’s some random guy with glasses on and he was in SACRAMENTO with my laptop. This dude must have picked up my laptop, flown all the way to the opposite side of America and THEN opened it up… sc***ag f**k! Anyway,
I call my tour manager and send her the screenshot of the guy’s face and she calls the police at Sacramento airport… in the screenshot you can see what gate he’s at so the police actually found his a** in the airport and threw him in a cell! My tour manager then manages to convince the sergeant to be able to talk to him and gives him the biggest guilt trip over the phone. Apparently the guy was nearly in tears. Anyway long story short, I’m getting my laptop back thanks to a free app and I have a picture of the guy who stole it hahahah…

The day it’s delivered back to me

OK there’s an insane plot twist with my stolen laptop that i literally JUST discovered.

The guy who took my laptop left a heart felt sorry letter inside of the laptop, and at the end of the letter he left his full name, telephone number and email address. So I email him explaining my reasons behind why I didn’t press charges, that I think he’s just a human that saw an opportunity and the fact he’s learned a life lesson, is good.

His reply then admits he was the guy who I sat next to on the plane from Atlanta to LA… THAT MEANS…that I DIDN’T forget my laptop in Atlanta airport, I took it on the plane with me. He physically took it out of my bag and put it in his bag on the plane while I slept. When we landed, he got up instantly and stood in the aisle claiming he was mega late for a connecting flight and left the plane super fast… and now i know why!!

WHAT A F*****G S**M F*****G!!

Anyway, such a crazy a** plot twist… Thankyou so much to the FREE APP called ‘Prey’ for getting back my most prized possession.