Lost+Found: Case M4ST –  Mexico


  • Location: Mexico
  • Date Stolen: 2nd of August, 2016
  • Date Recovered: 10th of June, 2017
  • Theft: Stolen out of his home
  • Missing items: Laptop
  • Police reaction: They were surprised by the type of information Prey retrieved.
  • Time it took for first report to arrive: 8 Months.
  • Once received, time it took for police to recover it: They took some time but did the job right.
  • Final thoughts: Couldn’t have a better impression of Prey at the moment!

Full story below, as told by our User.


The Good, the App, and the Ugly:


A lonely ranger armed with nothing but an app… Taking down a whole gang of ruffians and saving both his hometown and his laptop from trouble.


Chapter One: Trouble Doesn’t Knock.

Well, I installed Prey on a laptop that I bought with much effort, I had read about the app and I thought it would come in handy to avoid losing my device. Usually, I take my laptop to work and I move around quite a lot, so it felt necessary.

A few days later my home was broken into and, among other things, they took my laptop. We reported this to the police but we never mentioned we had Prey on the device. 

Chapter Two: The Long Game

I waited, and I waited for someone to open my laptop and connect to the internet. I had almost lost all hope when one day, after several months, I got a Missing Report from Prey. I was super excited!

It was nice to see the app running perfectly after months of inactivity, plus all the information it gave me about my laptop, like its location, some screenshots, and pictures of those using my laptop!

Chapter Three: Sweet ol’ Justice

Got to say I played around for a few days, collecting information about the suspects and thinking about how I would take aaaaaaall that to the police. And I did!  They ended up catching a gang of thieves that had been causing trouble in my city, breaking into multiple houses.

It was quite a big event in my hometown, the police gave the news to the people and I recovered my device from which I write to you today.

Couldn’t thank you enough! Thanks for letting me use this app, and for making me feel like I’m important as a user. You gave me a great story to tell around, and I tell it to my family, friends, and students all the time.

Once again, thanks.