Lost+Found: Case PF9Y – Panama

Stolen phone recovered in Panama

  • Location: Panama
  • Date Stolen: May 29, 2012
  • Date Recovered: July 27, 2012
  • Theft: Robbed while taking the bus
  • Missing items: Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket
  • Police reaction: It will be difficult to get it since GPS information is not accurate
  • Time it took for first report to arrive: 4 hours
  • Once received, time it took for police to recover it: 2 months
  • Final thoughts: Excellent product. It got the burglar’s location for 48 hours and near the store where I bought the phone.

Full story below:

I was taking the bus when a pickpocket grabbed my phone and run out of the bus. I was in shock when that happened. Then I upgraded to Pro and activated Prey when I arrived to the office. The thief turned off the phone, but after 4 hours from the activation I got the first report. I got the location and movement of the guy. I reported this to the police, but they said that GPS isn’t accurate here in Panama. They said they couldn’t take action right away but that they could use the IMEI number to track the phone.

Later I got more information but after 48 hours I lost the signal. Now, 2 months later, Prey reported again. It happens the thief sold the phone to a store near the location provided in one of the reports. The police was able to contact the person who bought the phone and recovered it, I was backed up by the IMEI number.

The police here now knows that the information that Prey sends is very accurate. I hope they can suggest a law that validates GPS information (provided by Prey) here in Panama.

Thanks for reading my story.