Lost+Found: Case PI23 – Obbicht, Netherlands

Lost+Found: Case PI23 – Obbicht, Netherlands

Lost Galaxy Note recovered in The Netherlands

  • Location: The Netherlands.
  • Date Stolen: 22 October 2012.
  • Date Recovered: 22 October 2012.
  • Theft: Lost in the bus.
  • Missing items: Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Public Transport customer service: “Gotta watch your stuff”.
  • Time it took for first report to arrive: Immediately.
  • Once received, time it took for police to recover it: Non available.
  • Final thoughts: At first, panicked. Then relieved.

Full story below:

As usual, I was taking the bus home. When I had to get out I couldn’t find my bus card any more, so two girls helped me find it. When I got out of the bus I realised I also forgot my phone.

Having realised I’d installed Prey on my phone a few days earlier, I rushed home so I could turn on my computer and trace the device. I got a report, and I noticed it was near the train station from where I got in the bus, so I figured I’d head there straight away.

When I was about 300 metres from the train station, I got a call… from my own phone. Turns out that the girls who helped me find my bus card also found my phone. I got to pick it up at a town next to mine.

Fortunately Prey wasn’t needed to recover a stolen device, but it sure did comfort me to know the phone’s location prior to the girls’ call! I am now also going to purchase Prey Pro to help recover my MacBook Pro in case I lose it somewhere — today I realised you never know what will happen.