Lost+Found: Case UFKH – Stolen MacBook Air recovered in Chile

Lost+Found: Case UFKH – Stolen MacBook Air recovered in Chile

Stolen MacBook recovered in Chile thanks to Prey

  • Location: Maitencillo, Chile
  • Date Stolen: December 2013
  • Date Recovered: May 2014
  • Theft: Home burglary
  • Missing items: MacBook Air
  • Police reaction: “Look for your laptop in flea markets and pawn shops”
  • Time it took for first report to arrive: Three months
  • Once received, time it took for police to recover it: Two months
  • Final thoughts: I am very grateful to prey, and I want to know the address to send you the best beer. Thank you!

Full story below:

I installed Prey too many years ago. Maybe December, 2011? Well, when I did, I forgot to complete the operation, I just downloaded the software and I was happy. After the robbery I tried to activate the programme and I noticed that something was missing: the activation!! I lost my faith, but my smarter brother did something, I still don’t know what, and the reports began to appear 3 months after the robbery.

At that moment I started to know about the guy who bought my laptop. I was able to see his face, know his name, his address, his ID number, etc. Everything thanks to Prey… and many other thing that I’d rather forget, haha. I sent all that information to the public prosecutor, and the police investigation began.

This week I’ve safely recovered my laptop… and I’m blissful. THANKS, PREY!!