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MacBook recovered at Leeds, UK | Lost+Found: Case AP-44

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– Case Type: MacBook Theft in a public space.

– Location: Leeds, UK.

– Date Lost: 07/28/2018.

– Recovery Time: 4 Days.

– Missing Item: Apple MacBook.

Our User’s Story: Installed Prey After the MacBook was Stolen!

One of our people had his work bag stolen from under a table in a bar late at night. He reported it the next day…and oh no…Prey wasn’t installed! But we did have some IT system monitoring software installed…48 hours later the laptop popped up online…

At which point I realized I could use the system monitoring software (Addigy) to file transfer the Prey installer to the stolen laptop and issue the terminal command to install it.

A few seconds later, an email pinged into my inbox…a new device has been added to your account! And shortly after that, the first report arrived… a webcam photo of a child watching music videos on the stolen laptop. Which was sitting on a stall in our local market!

We gathered evidence and updated the police, who the next day, went by the stall and retrieved the MacBook from its very surprised new owner!

Final thoughts: Like a SUPERHERO, installing the tracker AFTER the laptop was stolen wouldn’t be possible for everyone, but it worked for us!

When things like this happen, better be ready.

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Nicolas Poggi

Nico Poggi is Prey's growth and mobile research manager at Prey Inc, exploring innovations, and the evolution of the security and privacy landscape. Nico also serves as the brand's curator, overseeing the company's voice across its platform and communications.