Cyber Security
Hacking Protection 101

Have I Been Hacked? How to Find Out and Protect Yourself

Have you? If you’re unfortunately on the positive end of this question, you should take action! Hackers usually need continued access to your accounts, so cut them off while you still can.

by Hugh Taylor

posted Jan 09 2020
Cyber Security

Utilizing Zero Trust Security to Create New Layers of Network Protection

What is Zero Trust security? In a nutshell, it is a way of approaching all types of digital and physical security, in which there are no preferences, no white-lists, and no trusted actors. All actors, both internal and external, are treated as possible threats and ‘blocked’ by default, applying the same high security protocols, access controls, and barriers for everyone.

by Hugh Taylor

posted Nov 29 2019

Understanding the Student Privacy Problem

The breach of a student’s data privacy is not a recent concern, but one that is only now starting to gain attention due to the consequences of a public lack of concern. It is time to understand this issue, and treat it

by Nicolas Poggi

posted Oct 10 2019
What's New

Troubleshooting a fresh Prey install in macOS Catalina

With the latest macOS update, Catalina, Apple has made changes to the way it verifies software, taking an app-approach were a security clearance is needed. Users running this OS version might face an installation issue, that can be resolved, until the verification is integrated

by Nicolas Poggi

posted Oct 08 2019