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New Data Protection Tools | Feature Release

Prey’s new Factory Reset & Kill Switch features come with data safety and ease of use in mind, letting you disable hard drives and restore devices remotely.

by Juan Hernández

posted Mar 22 2022
Security 101

Mobile Theft and Loss Report – 2020/2021 Edition

When we presented our last report in 2020, we didn’t expect that in only two years the world would be in a completely different state. Social behavior, the way we…

by Beatriz Henríquez

posted Mar 01 2022
Cyber Security

Best Practices for Endpoint Security

As more people work outside the traditional office environment, endpoint devices are emerging as one of the biggest potential weaknesses in the corporate security chain. In fact, according to the…

by Nicolas Poggi

posted Feb 14 2022
Cyber Security

What is Mobile Device Management? The Complete Guide

As organizations undergo digital transformation initiatives and adapt to evolving business requirements, their IT asset inventories are growing, changing, and constantly moving from one place to another.  Instead of a…

by Norman Gutiérrez

posted Feb 02 2022