Case Study: Managing Student Laptop Loans During Remote Learning

Schools and universities are facing a new challenge during their adaptation to forced remote learning: access to technology, and internet connection among students is not universal. Schools are becoming active providers of laptops, tablets, and routers to breach this digital divide.

by Nicolas Poggi

posted Jul 10 2020
What's New

API Beta and Audit Log | Feature Release

With the API, we open the door for new integration opportunities and uses of the platform. On the other hand, the Audit Log will help keep better accountability of the account’s usage

by Nicolas Poggi

posted May 19 2020
Cyber Security

At Risk – Why Endpoint Security Matters More Than Ever

As businesses shift to a decentralized working environment amid the coronavirus pandemic, the risks of network intrusion and data breaches multiply. Endpoint security risks have become a major factor in company security. Here’s why endpoint security matters more than ever in a post-pandemic world.

by Nicolas Poggi

posted May 13 2020