Yes, we now have a Prey web control panel

One of the biggest requests we had in our suggestion box was to develop a way to toggle the missing state of your laptop in an easier way. Lets face it — maybe you and me know what a URL is, but there’s no way your sister or your mom will.

So basically our idea was to build a one-click way of activating Prey remotely, something simple yet useful, and not only for experienced hackers but to everyone.

So as we say in Chile, “pusimos manos a la obra”, and not only did we accomplish our task but we decided to go a bit further.

While we were developing the web thingy we realized we not only could tell Prey to wake up, but also trigger certain actions/modules in spite of the fact that Prey itself had become a modular piece of software!

In other words, this means that besides activating Prey, you can use the control panel to activate or deactivate different modules in Prey, and also to configure certain things remotely — for instance, changing the delay between intervals which is a really nice thing.

It’s important to note that Prey can still be used as before in a standalone fashion (i.e. not connected to the control panel), but in this case you’ll have to set up the URL yourself, and well, you won’t have the niceties like the remote configuration or function triggering.

So what are you waiting for? Go check the new control panel and tell us what you think!