Prey 0.3.1: Windows 64 bit support, fixes and what’s ahead

Hello everyone!

It’s been some exciting weeks since the release of Prey 0.3. We’ve received a ton of feedback and new ideas, and more developers are joining the team and making contributions to make Prey even better.

0.3 was actually a big change in Prey as a software, since a lot of new code came in, so (as expected) a few bugs popped up. Thankfully with your help we’ve already squashed most of them, and that’s we quickly rolled out a new version. 0.3.1 fixes bugs in all three operating systems, the biggest of them being:

  • Mac OS: The installer bug and the path issue that prevented Prey from being run as root. Smaller stuff too.
  • Linux: Fixed and check for Prey currently being run, that also had some problems in some distributions.
  • Windows: Fixed the screenshot grabbing, webcam capturing, and the sed.exe issue that prevented Prey from sending the report.

Prey 0.3.1 for Windows also includes a 64 bit version of Curl, which was the only thing that was keeping it from running on 64 bit versions of Windows. So yes, Prey has now full 64 bit support (and thanks Kevin for the inmense help)!

We’ve also seen some systems have some problems running Prey as a Scheduled Task (some antivirus programs simply disable the service), so we decided to look for a different solution and are currently working on in. Prey 0.3.2 will include a new way of running Prey in Windows that will avoid using Task Scheduler, so that you don’t have to tweak settings by hand to get Prey up and running (you can check the FAQ for more information).

We’re also aware of issues with the wifi autoconnect feature in some Mac and Linux systems, and that will definitely get looked at as well. We also have some cool ideas for new features so we’ll probably be releasing new modules as we test them.

As always, thanks everyone for the help, for the retweeting (yes, we do have a Twitter account) and for the support. Happy hunting!