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Prey 0.5 released! [updated]

Update: 0.5.1 was just pushed. Fixed an issue regarding password on Standalone mode and checks for On Demand mode.

Good news for all Prey users. Version 0.5 is available for download and ready to roll. Codenamed “Cloud Strife”, 0.5’s changes include:

  • Offline actions support: You can now force the actions to be kept running even if the device goes offline.
  • CronService for Windows optimizations and fixes (read note at the bottom!).
  • Android: Lock module support for 2.2+ Androids. You need to grant permissions on your phone after updating, otherwise it won’t work.
  • Android: can now reassign current SIM as the valid one, so you don’t need to disable the SIM lock function to stop getting alert messages when switching SIMs.
  • Windows Lock binary rewritten in C#. Better focus management. Task Manager disabling works as it should in XP and Vista/7 as well. As we’re not bundling WinLock.dll any more, there shouldn’t be any more false positives.
  • Mac Geo Module: support for weird chars like slashes.
  • Mac & Windows screenshot grab in JPG which is lighter than PNG. Reports should get faster to destination now.
  • New strategy for capturing webcam shots in Linux (waaay better image quality and lightness). Thanks to everyone who helped on this.
  • Linux: Change the delay to give wifi time to work when using autoconnect (thanks Drew!)
  • Linux: When using autoconnect mode in the config, Prey will use the network with the strongest signal available (again, thanks Drew!)
  • Fixed file sending in SCP mode (screenshot, picture). (#76)
  • Mac installer fixes. You shouldn’t get any more “Unverified” states anymore.
  • Removed rubbish on Mac/Linux log files.
  • Linux: Fixed Wifi device getting (using iwconfig now).
  • Linux: Lock module should work on distros with Python 3 installed.

And a couple of other smaller fixes too.

Important: On Windows, running Prey as a system service –rather than at user-level — should not only be the default option but the way of running Prey on Windows, so we’re deprecating it on next release. If you’re still running at user level we strongly encourage you to switch modes. You don’t have to if you don’t want, but Prey will refuse to auto update until you do. 🙂

That’s it. Hope you enjoy 0.5 and, as always, happy hunting!

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