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Regarding the Timing of the New Release on iOS

We have recently released Prey for education, including a set of new features that are available on all of our supported platforms, with the exception of iOS due to an unexpected delay in the App Store’s review process. Read through for more information.

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For the past few months, we have been working on our latest feature release: Prey for Education, a set of new tools co-designed with partnered schools and universities that addresses concerns such as security reaction automation, and inventory concerns.

This releases has seen the light last week on all of our supported platforms, with the exception of iOS. This is a temporal set-back product of the App Store’s review process, which requested a few standard modifications with a few weeks in advance, and still continue to review the changes implemented.

The changes requested were handled and delivered promptly, but the review process’s timing from Apple’s platform tends to be unpredictable, and closed-in. At the moment, more than a month has passed without us being able to make a release in the store, while communications with the Apple support team are limited to them stressing the fact that they will be reaching out to us whenever the matter is resolved. We decided to make the release date with all other operating systems but iOS, which will follow.

This is nothing but a heads up and a compromise from Prey on the delivery of the iOS client update as soon as possible. We are working hard so that all users on all platforms can enjoy our new set of features!

The Prey Team.

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Nicolas Poggi

Nicolas Poggi is the head of mobile research at Prey, Inc., provider of the open source Prey Anti-Theft software protecting eight million mobile devices. Nic’s work explores technology innovations within the mobile marketplace, and their impact upon security. Nic also serves as Prey’s communications manager, overseeing the company’s brand and content creation. Nic is a technology and contemporary culture journalist and author, and before joining Prey held positions as head of indie coverage at TheGameFanatics, and as FM radio host and interviewer at IndieAir.