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Say cheese! Prey for Android now features front camera support… plus some extra coolness

We’re still celebrating the world didn’t end last year, and to show you how happy we are, here’s our first 2013 present for you: Prey for Android now takes pictures of whoever steals your device. From now on, it doesn’t matter anymore if your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone gets stolen—as long as there’s a built-in camera on your device, you’ll see the bad guys’ faces.

But that’s not all the news! Prey for Android got much more handsome, it also features an Uninstallation Lock, and now gathers hardware information to help you identify your lost device in case it gets found. Some bugs were also fixed.

What’s new

  • Full front and rear camera support for picture-ready devices
  • Uninstallation Lock password to prevent unwanted removal
  • Gathers hardware information on installation


  • “Hero” function defaults to the selected contact’s mobile phone
  • Forced login for every time a user accesses Prey
  • Minor bug fixes

We’ve added front and back facing camera detection, so that pictures can be taken with our latest version, 0.5.6. If your phone or tablet features a camera capable of natively taking pictures, then Prey will capture thieves’ faces and will send them to you in the form of a report. And if your tablet or phone doesn’t have a front camera, then the rear one will be used instead.

Unfortunately, some devices with only a front camera meant for video chat—we’re talking to you, Nexus 7—won’t be able to take pictures, because these devices only record video. But don’t worry—we’re currently working on supporting such devices, so that in the future you’ll be able to get pictures.

To enable pictures on Android devices

Webcam enabled on Prey for Android

  • Update Prey to the latest version available on Google Play
  • Log into the Control Panel and then select your Android device
  • On the main screen, enable the new Webcam module, see the picture on the right
  • Mark the device as missing and click the “Run Prey” button, you’ll get a report with a picture now!

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