The new Prey for Android allows you to wipe your stolen device

Wipe passwordPro Users: Did you lose your company’s device, with all your customers’ data on it? Don’t worry. The latest version of Prey for Android now can wipe your device clean, in case you need to protect that sensitive information. Just a click on your Prey account will effectively reset the device to factory defaults, securing your company’s secrets.

While Prey’s capabilities are meant to recover lost or stolen devices, there are times when the data stored on them is much more important than the devices themselves. That’s why starting from today, customers will find the new action Wipe on their Prey accounts. To access the new feature:

  1. Click on the action
  2. Choose whether your SD card will also be deleted or not
  3. Save
  4. Type in your password

Once you do this, your device’s storage and SD card will be wiped for good.

Please be careful with this feature. Wiping a device will also completely remove Prey from it, so you won’t be able to track it anymore. It’s a measure only to be used in extreme situations, such as protecting corporate secrets, very personal data, or anything you don’t want others to access. It’s your data, and you decide what to do with it.

Prey for laptops could also get wiping capabilities in the future, but for now the feature is only available for Pro users protecting Android devices.

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Fabián Núñez


Head of Sales and Customer Happiness at @preyproject. I love tech and Asian food. Headbanging since 2002. Overall badass.