The upgrade process begins

The upgrade process begins

Times have changed, and so has Prey.

For some time now we’ve been working on a completely new and stronger agent for laptops, and it’s finally ready for battle. Starting today, we will begin the upgrade process for all devices belonging to free accounts that aren’t currently reported missing. This rollout upgrades the Prey agent to its latest version, which greatly improves device location and responsiveness, and also lays out the foundation for some of the new features we’ve been working on.

The upgrade process has been well thought in order to ensure a smooth transition for all customers, as such, we are gradually increasing the number of agents that can perform the upgrade. We know our Pro customers like fine control of their environment, so they can activate the agent upgrade from their Device Management page. In any case, if you are really keen to try the new client, you can always download the installer and manually install Prey.

We are truly committed to make Prey better everyday, and for us this means taking care of the experience for every-single-user as we push the product forward, so we will continue to support the old version for a long enough period. Let it be clear: the previous agent will keep working and reporting its whereabouts whenever the device is set as missing.

This upgrade is just the beginning of an undergoing effort of growing our platform so we can keep helping the good guys fight the bad guys.

Stay tuned.