Prey version 0.3 is here

Hey everyone! We’re glad to announce the arrival of Prey version 0.3, which comes in with lots of stuff under the hood.

August 18, 2009

Hey everyone! We're glad to announce the arrival of Prey version 0.3, which comes in with lots of stuff under the hood.

In general we can say a huge amount of code was rewritten for this version, mainly to make Prey a modular piece of software. This allows us to have more control over Prey, we can detect and correct bugs much faster, and best of all, it allows more developers to start playing and developing pluggable modules to Prey to make it even better!

We would also like to thank everyone who's contributed up to now to the project, being it through code, submitting new ideas and reporting bugs too.

As always this is a work in progress so it's quite possibly some bugs will appear, but with a little help from our friends (yes, that's you) well squash them out before anyone notices. There still a lot of stuff to do so if you can give us a hand we'll gladly appreciate it.

Exciting things are ahead.

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