Prey 0.6.1 for laptops is out!

Just a quick fix for our Bash desktop client, mainly for compatibility.

  • [FIX] Detection of OS version for Mac and Windows now works as expected.
  • [FIX] Updated location of `updates_url` from Github to S3.

These fixes act as a progression over what was included in 0.6.0:

  • [FIX] Fixes for Gentoo (pryoidain’s patch from Github issue #339).
  • [FIX] Update endpoints for `update_device_info` request (ie. hardware info).
  • [FIX] Ensure SSL certificate validation in Linux configurator.

If you want to check out new features you might want to take a look at the Node client we’ve been working on — it’s already in the oven!

Status Update: Preparing for battle

Warning: this post is geeky as hell. However, it’s written in a way that you’ll still enjoy reading it, even if you know less about computers than my grandma.

Well, to be honest my grandma actually blogged regularly and was able to fix her internet connection on her own — but anyway, you get the point.

So, a couple of months ago we pushed a release candidate for the new evented, asynchronous, ruthless client that will replace the one we have in production right now (more details here). This, however, is not a mere rewrite: it’s a whole new beast.

I wanted to give a deeper insight to some of the new concepts behind this upcoming new Prey client for Mac, Windows and Linux lappies. I won’t dive into boring details like versioning strategy or API design, but instead focus on the decisions we made to make this beast smarter and more reliable to protect our babies.

So here you go. The road to Prey 1.0.


All-new Prey coming soon: Enroll to get early access

The New Prey is cooking: Get early beta access

We’re excited to share with you one of our biggest secrets. For the last few months we’ve been thinking about how to make Prey bolder and tougher than Bruce Lee combined with Rambo and Terminator (from the first movie). It’s taken a while to put everything in place — almost everything has been redesigned and rewritten, actually — but we’re finally approaching Limit Break.

However, there’s still one piece of the puzzle that’s missing, and that’s you.

Before releasing this “New Everything” we’ve been breaking our backs with, we want to make sure every bit of it works as expected and there are no loose bolts. That’s why we decided to launch a private beta in a few weeks so we can get your feedback to see if there’s anything missing or that can be improved.

And yes, we’re not kidding about the “New Everything”. Probably most of what you’ve seen of Prey will be different in one way or another — for the better, of course. :)

So, are you up for it? Registration is now open for the brave men and women willing to take a part in this adventure. We’ll send the invites in a few weeks with all the info you’ll need to get early access to the new Prey, with all its new set of features.

Update: 2013-02-21

Signups for the Prey beta will be closed tomorrow February 23, so hurry up!

Prey 0.5.9 for all desktops and laptops is out!

A few days ago we pushed version 0.5.9, which is a big jump from good-old 0.5.3. While this new client includes a ton of new things, the most important being the fix for the geolocation issue (aka. “no map on reports”), plus duplicate device detection, full SSL support with certificate verification, support for OS X’s network auto-connect, a better configurator for Linux and improved offline actions. Whew!

You can find and download the new client from our downloads section. For those of you interested in the small print, here’s the full changelog.


Lost+Found: Case 8G96 – Santiago, Chile

Recovered laptop thanks to Prey

  • Location: Santiago, Chile
  • Date Stolen: 11 July 2012
  • Date Recovered: 8 August 2012
  • Theft: Broken into house
  • Missing items: HP Pavilion dv4t-5100
  • Police reaction: Hey, nice app!
  • Time it took for first report to arrive: 1 hour
  • Once received, time it took for police to recover it: 2 hours
  • Final thoughts: Good! Excellent product! I recommended Prey to my school mates

Full story below:


Tip: How to secure and test your passwords

secure-password-580x367Passwords and data leaks are so common nowadays that you can’t be sure about what site was last hacked. In the last couple of months, users from big companies such as, Linkedin, Yahoo!, Blizzard Entertainment and even Sony got hacked and their personal data exposed.

A password hack doesn’t seem particularly harmful but the truth is that most people use the same login/password for every site they have an account on. That means if someone got your password in, they’ve possibly got your Gmail and PayPal passwords, and use your information for an identity theft and account hijack.

Here are a few tips to make your digital life a bit safer.


Prey 0.5 released! [updated]


Update: 0.5.1 was just pushed. Fixed an issue regarding password on Standalone mode and checks for On Demand mode.

Good news for all Prey users. Version 0.5 is available for download and ready to roll. Codenamed “Cloud Strife”, 0.5′s changes include:

  • Offline actions support: You can now force the actions to be kept running even if the device goes offline.
  • CronService for Windows optimizations and fixes (read note at the bottom!).
  • Android: Lock module support for 2.2+ Androids. You need to grant permissions on your phone after updating, otherwise it won’t work.
  • Android: can now reassign current SIM as the valid one, so you don’t need to disable the SIM lock function to stop getting alert messages when switching SIMs.
  • Windows Lock binary rewritten in C#. Better focus management. Task Manager disabling works as it should in XP and Vista/7 as well. As we’re not bundling WinLock.dll any more, there shouldn’t be any more false positives.
  • Mac Geo Module: support for weird chars like slashes.
  • Mac & Windows screenshot grab in JPG which is lighter than PNG. Reports should get faster to destination now.
  • New strategy for capturing webcam shots in Linux (waaay better image quality and lightness). Thanks to everyone who helped on this.
  • Linux: Change the delay to give wifi time to work when using autoconnect (thanks Drew!)
  • Linux: When using autoconnect mode in the config, Prey will use the network with the strongest signal available (again, thanks Drew!)
  • Fixed file sending in SCP mode (screenshot, picture). (#76)
  • Mac installer fixes. You shouldn’t get any more “Unverified” states anymore.
  • Removed rubbish on Mac/Linux log files.
  • Linux: Fixed Wifi device getting (using iwconfig now).
  • Linux: Lock module should work on distros with Python 3 installed.

And a couple of other smaller fixes too.

Important: On Windows, running Prey as a system service –rather than at user-level — should not only be the default option but the way of running Prey on Windows, so we’re deprecating it on next release. If you’re still running at user level we strongly encourage you to switch modes. You don’t have to if you don’t want, but Prey will refuse to auto update until you do. :)

That’s it. Hope you enjoy 0.5 and, as always, happy hunting!