Centralized device protection, data recovery and management software for Business

Whether you're a small company or a big institution, we've got you covered. We offer a customized experience for larger deployments that makes device management simple and effective.

Customize your plan

Premium protection tailored to your needs

Powerful protection for your company’s devices

Prey keeps an updated record of each of your devices' hardware specs, and lets you know whenever a component (e.g. RAM module) is modified or removed.

  • Track and manage them from a single account.
  • Retrieve them if they’re ever lost or stolen with our unique reports that include pictures, geolocation, Wifi networks and much more.
  • Our data recovery and wipe features go beyond that and protect your information even if the device is already lost.

It’s simple and it's worth it.

Top notch

Top notch data protection

We get that it’s not just about the devices - it’s also about what’s in them and the value that information has for your company. Rest assured Prey will fight to protect your data. Block your devices remotely, delete your stored passwords, use our data recovery service or even wipe out sensitive stuff before it falls in the wrong hands.

“We’ve been able to recover three more computers that went missing. At an average $1,000 for a computer, we’ve recovered over $4,000 US worth of equipment”

Liverpool Central Scholl District, US7,300 protected devices.

Centralized management made simple

Our Organization Plan grants you access to a centralized console that lets you quickly visualize, filter and search your list of devices if you want to locate or control a specific one.

You can also export your devices' data, which includes both their hardware information plus the timestamp from when each of them was last seen online. Prey also keeps an updated record of each of your devices' hardware specs, and lets you know whenever a component (e.g. RAM module) is modified or removed.

It’s more than than just a tracking software

Works on all major operating systems and devices. Sound alarms, block devices, get reports with pictures and location – often the crucial piece of data that police officers need to take action.


Simplified deployment

We provide silent, unattended installers for all our supported operating systems, in order to minimize your time and cost of deployment. Updating is done automatically on the background without any need of user input.

A dedicated support team

“The support team was prompt, very professional and resolved my problems in a timely manner. What else could I ask for? That’s awesome customer service. Keep it up!”

Owner of All Pro computer SolutionsHealdsburg, CA.

We'll assist you before, during and after the deployment process to ensure everything's working as expected. If needed, we can also assist in the recovery of lost or stolen devices.


Control Zones

Meet our new super-powerful geofencing feature. Create zones in your city and get notified whenever your smartphone leaves or enters an area in just three easy steps. Available for iOS and Android.

Control Zones

Privacy is our priority

You can always check our source code if you want to make sure.