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Share protection with your own client base and be officially recognized as a Prey Affiliate. Apply to a base discount that will grow the more users you bring.

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Structured and Managed Reselling Platform

Act as an intermediary for subscribing on behalf of your clients. Your client base will be linked to your Affiliate ID for easier management on all sides, ensuring you as their unique dealer of Prey.

Direct Communication and Technical Support

Receive an induction from our team to give direct support to your client base. If detailed technical support is necessary, our team will assist you further.

Scaling Discount for Growing Affiliates

Get a discount according to your client account base, that will increase the more accounts you bring for subscription. This way we can make a win-win deal for all, also making it more attractive for your clients.

What you need to know before becoming an affiliate

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is a reseller that acts as an intermediary, selling Prey’s products and assisting people interested in using Prey’s paid subscriptions/features. Affiliates can offer alternative payment methods that Prey might not offer, such as physical in-store payments, and thus can reach different types of markets and audiences.

When do affiliates benefit from discounts?

Once certified, an affiliate can gain access to discounted rates when acquiring licenses from Prey for reselling, further increasing the resale’s gain. To apply for this discount, one must first sell Prey to at least 2 accounts, for a combined total of 100 licenses. This helps us validate the affiliate partner’s reach and reselling capabilities.

Are there different discount tiers?

Yes. Discounted rates for affiliates become available at 100 licenses, and increase based on the number of licenses sold. For more information on these tiers, consult with your direct Prey contact.

What is considered a license?

Prey works under a per-device subscription system, meaning that one license represents one device protected under the client’s account. Each license provides the user with a device slot in their account, which is filled as users install Prey on their devices and link them to said account. Devices can be replaced at any time, and new licenses or slots can be purchased at any moment.

What if I am an MSP?

If you are a managed services provider, looking to manage your client’s Prey subscription and protected devices from a centralized account, then you’re probably in the wrong place. Head out to our Pricing page and request a quote to contact our sales team, they will help you set up the right type of account for your MSP needs.

Is white-labeling or co-branding available?

No. An affiliate acts as a representative of Prey’s product and platform in a different market, and can’t whitelabel the product as a different organization.

What you will need
  • Your ID

    Your ID

  • Company registration number

    Company registration number

  • A document that demonstrates your faculty to represent your company

    A document that demonstrates your faculty to represent your company

  • Company registration number

    Your business proposal

  • A document that demonstrates your faculty to represent your company

    Company's certificate of incorporation

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I am , my e-mail is  and I represent , our Company Registration Number is , we have between  clients, and we want to be a Prey Affiliate.

Prey is GDPR compliant. We will only contact you with commercial information and will never disclose the submitted information.

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