Status of the Remote Work Cybersecurity Landscape

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Learn all about how remote work has shifted the paradigm of cybersecurity, investment and mobility.

The era of remote work is still ahead

And the challenges in cybersecurity are harder than ever

The evolution of cybersecurity risk in 2020 & 2021 is undeniable. Even before the recent incidents from early 2021, the COVID–19 pandemic has brought us to a new dimension in threats, and remote work has a huge responsibility for this massive shift.

In SHIFT, we analyzed how the trend of remote work may become the new reality in the future, as well as the concerns of industry professionals all over the US & the United Kingdom regarding cybersecurity in this era of home offices, mobility, and hyperconnection.

In this report:

  • Types of theft & loss by frequency
  • Top locations where each event occurs
  • Uncommon scenarios
  • Most affected locations
  • Comfort-based insecurity
  • Theft statistics by device
  • Thieves vs ourselves
  • The unusual suspects
  • The risk behind mobiles

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