How to automatize Prey notifications and a bunch of other services using IFTTT

If This Then ThatIFTTT stands for If this, then that. It’s a super cool website that claims to help you put the internet to work for you. It lets you create connections between 59 different web services using statements like the one above, for free, and it’s so simple that anyone could use it. You choose the ingredients and then make your recipes, which you can share with the world if they make you proud. And if you’re not in the creative mood, you can browse more than 50,000 public recipes available discovering some interesting stuff.

if this then that

With this simple statement you can make a lot of things, like:

  • If I get a new Prey report, then call me
  • If it’s gonna rain tomorrow, then text me
  • If I change my Facebook profile picture, then make it also my Twitter profile picture
  • If a new book is added to Kindle Top 100 Free eBooks, then send me an email
  • If I mark a photo as a favorite on Flickr, then save it to my Dropbox

Each one of the 59 available services has different options, so the possible combinations are huge. In this article you’ll learn how to use IFTTT to automatize some processes for Prey, and get notifications when something importante happens.

If there’s a new version of Prey, then send me an email

This recipe checks the RSS feed for the “releases” tag on Prey’s blog, and sends you an email for each new version for each platform. The recipe will send the full post to your inbox, but you can modify the email to fit your needs.

You can use the recipe as is, or you can create a new one using some keywords like “Android”, “Windows” or “iOS” if you’re not interested in all platforms.

Recipe: Get an email for each new #PreyProject version.

If my device is marked as missing, then text GO PREY to my phone

We enabled On-Demand for all devices, but Android phones not connected to the internet won’t get activated without SMS. This recipe is a great way to sync your Control Panel’s status with your phone, and making it ready to report as soon as it connects to the internet again.

But if you don’t want your phone to be marked as missing every time a device on the Control Panel is marked as missing, enable a new Gmail trigger using keywords, which should be the name of the device on the Control Panel. Also, if you use this default recipe, the phone will get the SMS for each new report from Prey. A new email keywords trigger is strongly recommended.

Recipe: GO PREY.

If I get a new report, then call me

This is a great recipe, but it’s only available for US phone numbers. If you live in the US, you can get a call for each new report that arrives at your inbox. Use this to know exactly when your lost or stolen device sends data to the Control Panel.

Tip: Just like the previous recipe, use keywords on Gmail to trigger this action instead of the sender’s email address. This avoids unnecessary calls!

Recipe: If #preyproject emails me about my stolen laptop call me.

If there’s a new Recovery Story on Prey’s blog, then share it on Facebook/Twitter

It’s awesome when people get their stolen devices back, that’s what Prey’s for. When a new story is published, share it on your favorite social networks! Taking advantage of RSS, you can do it using these two recipes: Share a link post on Facebook, or share the link on Twitter attaching the featured image.

Recipe: Share #PreyProject’s Recovery Stories on #Facebook
Recipe: Share #PreyProject’s Recovery Stories on #Twitter

You can use what you learned here to make some awesome things happen, like bypassing Instagram turning off Twitter cards, getting a call to escape awkward situations, or getting an email when Amazon Free Android App of the Day is posted. And if you create a new Prey-related recipe, please share it using the #PreyProject hashtag. We’ll update this post, and will also share it on Twitter.