Optimized for Quick and Effective data protection

Remote wipe, lock & encrypt you can trust

Compromised laptop? Get immediate protection with Prey data protection capabilities. It's a quick and effective solution to protect your business from data breaches and secure compliance.

You can now remotely wipe, lock, factory reset & kill switch features to erase, encrypt, disable or even restore laptops without hurdles.

protect your assets

Prey is trusted by millions of people, organizations, and institutions around the globe
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Keep your data secure

Mitigate unauthorized data access. Effectively secure business laptops with remote wipe or lock capabilities.


Remote wipe, lock or encrypt laptops and mobile devices. Secure remote workers' data effortlessly and easy to use interface.


Take advantage of Prey’s active laptop tracking, with smart detection triggers for great accuracy.

Scheduled Security Actions

Triggers security actions automatically based on unusual or timeframe events

Flexible Licensing

Prey for Enterprises features reusable licenses and personalized plan upgrades according to your institution's needs. NGO & EDU organizations apply for discounts.

Gain visibility of your device fleet

Keep your decices organized & safe

Secure laptops, computer, mobiles and their data against loss and theft with Prey for Enterprises.

Device Tracking

Track your devices with movement triggers, timed-checks, GPS, and WiFi triangulation that prioritizes battery saving.

Location History
Device Activity Log

Device & Data Security

React with security actions to protect devices against rogue employees, off-boardings, and in case of loss or theft.

Screen Lock
Custom Remote Wipe
Remote Encryption
Factory Reset
Kill Switch
Geofence-triggered Actions
Device Management

Organize your fleet, make sure it is accounted for, and streamline all your management processes to be effortless.

Global Management Panel
Multi-user accounts
Unattended Install
Jamf deployment-ready
Device Loan Manager