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Defeating Theft

Prey is an all-in-one cross-platform security solution for laptops, tablets, and phones used to protect millions of devices, all around the world.

Its solid tracking and reporting technology helps people and organizations keep track of their assets 24/7, and proves to be crucial in the recovery of stolen devices every day

  • alarm
  • location
  • lock
  • reports
  • pictures
  • screenshots
  • wipe data
  • messages
  • protect passwords

Feature Packed, Online Based

Prey runs a powerful lightweight agent on your devices that silently awaits for your instructions to work its magic. Just log on to your account from a web browser and you’ll be able to remote-control your device, if it ever falls on the wrong hands. Sound the alarm, lock the screen, send messages and even wipe out sensitive data.

You can start protecting your devices from theft right now. It only takes a second.

I’m euphoric and laughing with excitement that this actually worked.

Find Your Phone, Laptop and Tablet

Using Prey is a proven way to locate phones, laptops and tablets with most popular operating systems, from one single account. Just set your device to Missing and receive reports that include location, hidden camera pictures and screenshots.
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Tijuana, MexicoRecovered @ May 10th, 2014

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