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Keep track of your laptop, phone and tablet, whenever missing

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What is Prey?

Prey is an anti-theft tracking app for your laptop, phone, and tablet. With Prey you can easily locate them, lock their screens, wipe their data, and even get them back if ever missing in action.

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A thief's worst nightmare

A thief's worst nightmare

Prey is a cross-platform, anti-theft solution for laptops, tablets, and phones used to protect millions of devices, all around the world.

Its solid tracking technology helps people and organizations keep track of their assets 24/7, and proves to be crucial in the recovery of stolen devices every day.

Remote control your laptop from anywhere

Remote control your laptop from anywhere

Prey works like this: A small, lightweight agent runs on your device, which silently awaits for your instructions to wake up and work its magic.

By logging into your Prey account, you'll be able to track down your device's location, find out who's using it and even what they're doing so you can quickly recover it whenever lost or stolen.

You'll also be able to lock it down or delete stored passwords to prevent unauthorized access.

Free or pro, no tricks

Free or pro, with no tricks

Prey is free for everyone, but we also offer a more powerful paid version. The free version lets you protect up to three devices, and contains a limited — but extensive — set of features.

The paid version — Prey Pro — provides access to enhanced tracking, additional slots for devices, and unlocks features such as remote data wipe.

In other words, you can start protecting your device from theft right now. It only takes a second.

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