React, lock, alert, and automate security

Deter theft and react to device loss with Prey's security actions, which you can configure to be activated automatically by Geofences, scheduled Automations, and triggers.

Find and protect

Choose your reaction according to the case of loss, or theft. If the device is nearby, ring an alarm, lock it to protect its data, or send an alert.

Screen Lock

Avoid any stranger from using a lost phone, tablet or laptop by remotely locking it with a custom passcode.

alert Message

Send an alert to contact the user, or alert whoever finds the lost device and arrange a proper recovery.


Ring a 30-second alarm that can't be muted to alert nearby passersby, or locate it if you're closing in on a retrieval.

Mark as Missing

Mark a device as missing and Prey to start gathering Evidence Reports with information key for the device's recovery.‍

React without delay

Configure your geofencing areas to trigger security actions on devices that move in or out of areas without permission.

Entry and Exit Reactions

Choose from a list of actions for when a device enters or leaves its previously designed Geofence.

Event Notification

Toggle exit and entry alerts on or off. Whenever a device triggers a Geofence's rule, you'll immediately receive an alert.

Reduced Reaction Time

Configure Prey to activate its security actions, or mark the device as missing automatically upon entry or exit to reduce your reaction time significantly.‍

Automate security

Program recurrent, repeating, or one-time actions to streamline daily tasks, such as a curfew lock. Or create trigger-based rules.

Time-based rules

Set up Prey's security actions to activate automatically on specific dates, recurring days and hours, or time-ranges.

Event-based Rules

Configure reactions for Prey to activate when specific events occur, such as low battery, hardware changes, or when a device is disconnected from its charger.

Time Frames

Event-based automations can also be customized to activate only during a specific date range, or during a recurrent weekly schedule. For example, on Mondays and Thursdays from 10 am to 6pm.‍

Data Protection

Secure your phones, laptops, and tablets information with Prey's data protection set of features.


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