SSL/TLS “heartbleed” vulnerability patched for all Prey services

HeartbleedThe whole internet was affected by a major security vulnerability, known as Heartbleed. It was disclosed yesterday, so you might already know about the bug, which allows anyone on the Internet to read the memory of the systems protected by the vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software, the technology used to encrypt most of the internet, including us.

But rest safe. Our engineers already implemented the patch for heartbleed, and there’s no evidence of any security breach. Nonetheless, since this affected almost the whole web, we think it’s a clever idea to change all your passwords. You never know what sites were breached, and how long they will take to fix this major bug.

Check this StackExchange thread to know more about how Heartbleed works. You can also run this test to check what sites are still vulnerable.

The new Prey for Android allows you to wipe your stolen device

Wipe passwordPro Users: Did you lose your company’s device, with all your customers’ data on it? Don’t worry. The latest version of Prey for Android now can wipe your device clean, in case you need to protect that sensitive information. Just a click on your Prey account will effectively reset the device to factory defaults, securing your company’s secrets.


Prey 0.6.1 for laptops is out!

Just a quick fix for our Bash desktop client, mainly for compatibility.

  • [FIX] Detection of OS version for Mac and Windows now works as expected.
  • [FIX] Updated location of `updates_url` from Github to S3.

These fixes act as a progression over what was included in 0.6.0:

  • [FIX] Fixes for Gentoo (pryoidain’s patch from Github issue #339).
  • [FIX] Update endpoints for `update_device_info` request (ie. hardware info).
  • [FIX] Ensure SSL certificate validation in Linux configurator.

If you want to check out new features you might want to take a look at the Node client we’ve been working on — it’s already in the oven!

Our new YouTube channel will help you install Prey, generate reports, and more

Prey on YouTube

Sometime during the past few years the old saying “pics or it didn’t happen” mutated into “YouTube video or you don’t exist,” or something like it. That’s precisely why we decided to bring life to our YouTube channel, to prove our existence to show you what we’re into, to answer your questions, and also to share with you all our media appearances.

Surprisingly enough, we didn’t have many YouTube videos, tutorials, or anything. It wasn’t because we’re lazy, we promise! It was just that we wanted to do something really, really good, and we couldn’t find the time. But videos are finally here, and they’re here to stay. They’re simple, they’re honest, and (we hope), they’re useful. Enjoy!


Command your phone via SMS with the new Prey for Android

SMS Commands

Some things are better off controlled remotely.

You know, like giant robots, Solid Snake’s Nikita missiles, or even cockroaches. Since we really like robots (but not as much cockroaches), starting from today, you can also control your Android device using SMS commands. And honoring Solid Snake, from now on you can also hide Prey’s icon at will with a simple call, effectively infiltrating any thief’s defenses.

We just pushed the update to Google Play, so you should be getting it during the next few hours. It basically gives you full remote control over your mobile skipping the need of logging to the Prey Control Panel.


Status Update: Preparing for battle

Warning: this post is geeky as hell. However, it’s written in a way that you’ll still enjoy reading it, even if you know less about computers than my grandma.

Well, to be honest my grandma actually blogged regularly and was able to fix her internet connection on her own — but anyway, you get the point.

So, a couple of months ago we pushed a release candidate for the new evented, asynchronous, ruthless client that will replace the one we have in production right now (more details here). This, however, is not a mere rewrite: it’s a whole new beast.

I wanted to give a deeper insight to some of the new concepts behind this upcoming new Prey client for Mac, Windows and Linux lappies. I won’t dive into boring details like versioning strategy or API design, but instead focus on the decisions we made to make this beast smarter and more reliable to protect our babies.

So here you go. The road to Prey 1.0.


The new Prey for Android fixes pictures on Jelly Bean devices

Prey now for all Jelly Bean devicesOur dear client for the Google platform got updated during the past few weeks, and we haven’t even talked about it! If Prey is installed on your Android device, then you’re most likely running the latest version, but did you know what’s knew? Keep reading to learn more.


We’ve got winners! Check the most peculiar devices running Prey

Crown Vic - Asteroid, USA

When we first thought about this contest we never imagined how many people would apply. We got tons of emails from all over the world, from China to Iceland, showing how Prey can protect devices we never knew about. Last year we had Fernanda’s story on how to protect a bicycle from theft, but now it was so much creativity that it was too difficult to choose. You won’t believe how many geek things can run Prey!

Since we know you’re dying to know who the winners are we’ll make it quick. Just keep reading.


Prey Contest Update: People’s Choice Award

A Prey cake

A Prey cake!! Photo (and cake) by Franka Feenstra. We love you!

Hello everyone! Remember the Prey Contest? You were supposed to run Prey on your weirdest devices to get a free Prey Pro account for life and an OUYA console. Well, we picked the ten most awesome devices running our software and the team chose two big winners. Now you can vote the third!

The 8 runner-ups are:

  • 3D Printer, Brazil.
  • AM/DM3730 Development Board, Canada.
  • Google Glass, USA.
  • Hospital Bedside Entertainment Terminal, Germany.
  • Raspberry Pi Rack, Italy.
  • Router Linksys E900 (DD-WRT), Chile.
  • Toaster, New Zealand.

Vote now!

The three winners will be announced on Monday 12th, August.

Happy voting!

Contest: Run Prey on your weirdest device to win an OUYA, plus Prey Pro for life!

Enter the contest and win the big price!

We want an OUYA here at the office. It’s an awesome device, powerful enough to run lots of great native games, and can also run emulators. It’s small, practical, beautiful, and runs Android. And as the geeks we are, we had the following conversation:

—Wait a second… Android? Google Play and all?
—Not exactly, but you can still install apps.
—I bet it would run Prey.

And well, we bet it would.