Make privacy & compliance your priority

Retrieve files from a device remotely, wipe information and disks on lost devices, or encrypt information to prevent leaks and unwanted access

Don't leave data in the wild

If a remote worker loses a device, or if an office asset goes missing, wipe your company's confidential information.

On Computers

Wipe local documents*, cookies, emails, local cloud storage files (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive), or custom directories remotely.
*Directory selection varies depending on the OS.

On Android

The wipe action for Android phones enables you to format the SD card or reset the device to its Factory state.

On Macos devices

By enabling the MDM certificate on Prey, you can execute the Factory Reset action on Apple laptops.

Recover sensitive information

Select and retrieve specific files and avoid losing our work, even after the device is stolen.

Direct download or email

Browse your directories and recover files with direct download or send a link to your Prey account email.

Browse AN SD card

Prey can also access and retrieve files from external SD cards on mobile devices and tablets.‍

Encrypt entire disks

Prevent data leaks and unwanted access on Windows with full disk encryption.

Use Prey's Disk Encryption tool to remotely activate BitLocker on Windows devices and protect data. Learn More about bitlocker

Disable a disk on the spot!

Kill Switch provides a safety solution to a lost or stolen computer. Protect devices that carry information for your trusted eyes only. This is a Windows only feature and some conditions apply.

On Windows devices
Press this emergency button for a quick defense. It will destroy the device's Master Boot Record, rendering the device unusable in a matter of minutes.
Learn more.

Completely restore devices

Let's say you left your device on a park bench. Or one of your students returned a loaned laptop. Wouldn't it be nice to have a solution to remotely remove all traces of previous use? Factory Reset allows just that, a blank slate.

On Windows devices

This feature remotely restores the device down to factory settings, removing all traces of use from the computer. It's irreversible, it formats your hard drive and installs the OS all over again. It could take up to an hour.

On macos devices

Apple requires a trust-certificate from Prey that confirms you are the administrator of said devices. By enabling this certificate and linking your Apple laptop to Prey, you are able to use Factory Reset and completely restore macOS devices.

Device Management

Better manage enterprise device fleets with management tools such as grouping, automation, and fleet inventory.


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