Lost+Found: Case F8RW – London, UK

Lost+Found: Case F8RW – London, UK

This MacBook Pro was stolen, but she got it back using Prey

  • Location: London, UK
  • Date Stolen: 14 January 2013
  • Date Recovered: 14 February 2013
  • Theft: Flat burglary
  • Missing items: MacBook Pro
  • Police reaction: The police said that because there were no leads they would have to close the case, but they asked that if anything came up through Prey I contact them immediately. When I did this three weeks later they were very keen to re-open the case and use the information I gave them from the Prey reports.
  • Time it took for first report to arrive: 3 weeks
  • Once received, time it took for police to recover it: Immediately upon the first report coming in.
  • Final thoughts: It’s pretty bloody awesome to get my lap top back!

Full story below:

My laptop was stolen by an opportunist thief who found our door open. My boyfriend was in our room at the time and did not hear him come in and take the laptop sitting on my desk in the living room. When we reported the theft the police were great, they took finger prints and asked around the neighbors, but they had nothing really to go on. However when we told them that Prey was installed on the device they were very keen for us to keep them updated.

We had no reports for three weeks and presumed that the computer had been reformatted by someone who knew what they were doing, however at the end of the third week reports started coming in. We got a picture of the person using the computer and a screenshot of his desktop. There were some problems at first getting the location, but my fantastically geeky boyfriend solved this. It was something to do with an older version of Prey, so I recommend everyone to make sure they have the newest version.

The police started investigating straight away. The location was a very large block of flats, so they did not have any luck finding it there, however one of the files visible on the screenshot of the desktop was named after a local restaurant. The police visited with the photograph and the person who had been using my computer turned out to work there. It transpires that he had bought the computer legitimately from a local tech shop, which is now being investigated.

My computer was returned to me a week later.