Enhanced management with precise tracking

Look after your laptops, tablets and mobiles; locate them at any given moment, summon them back when the loans are over and react with alerts and alarms when needed.

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Keep student data confidential and stay FERPA compliant with data wipe and retrieval reactions. You can also configure evidence gathering to boost end-user privacy.


Choose between active or on-demand tracking and keep tabs on your device.  Locate devices from your list with Control Zones or check them all at once with Global Device View.


One account covers multiple gadgets and operating systems. You decide the amount of devices, each one represents a slot. Discounts available!

Reasons to choose Prey

Device Loan
Data Protection

Master your scheduling

Kickstart a strong 1:1 Program; keep track of return dates, send automatic 'time's up' alerts, and secure your equipment when needed with Device Loan Manager.

Manage like a tech pro

Check on your devices, manage assignments and make labels by status or class. Revise hardware changes and launch remote actions. Perform unattended installs on multiple systems and then some; no coding skills or tech experience required!

Set secure boundaries

Easily locate devices on the move with Control Zones (geofences). Set actions, send a message, lock or mark your device as missing when they leave or enter your perimeters.

Keep your confidence

Work at ease with our list of remote data focused features. In the event of loss or theft, react with Screen Lock, File Retrieval, Disk Encryption, Custom Wipe and much more.

We are with you all the way

From the start, our work has been defined by your needs. We strive to improve our product so it makes your job easier, one feature (or more) at a time.

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Security Automations
Control Zones Actions
Device Inventory Information

Secure loans with Prey

San Carlos Apache College

Learn how IT Officer Kenneth Chan at the San Carlos Apache College leverages Prey to secure and track their digital equipment inventory.

Let us contribute

The work you do is special to us, we want to pitch in! Schools and Educational Organizations can access special prices and discounts. Start managing and protecting with our effective yet affordable plans.

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Whether you’re looking to protect your own devices, or manage an enterprise fleet, Prey has a plan and platform for you.