Tracking & Location

Always Know Where

Stay tuned to the whereabouts of all your phones, laptops, and tablets, and setup Control Zones to receive alerts when a device enters or leaves its assigned area.

Tracking Preferences

Active tracking with movement detection and periodic checks, or on-demand locations.

Control Zones Geofencing

Instantly know if a device leaves it’s defined area, or if it goes somewhere unsafe.

Tracking by GPS, Wifi Triangulation, GeoIP

The GPS isn’t active? Not an issue, we can triangulate it.

Global Device View

Keep an eye on all your devices’ whereabouts with a glimpse at your panel.

Location History

Check for suspicious past positions, or find patterns when looking for a lost device.

Tracking & Location

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Device Security

React, Lock, Alert

Choose your reaction depending on the case. Lost phone nearby? Ring an alarm. Work laptop stolen? Remotely lock it. Send messages if necessary, not all losses are thefts.

Remote Screen Lock

No stranger’s hands will access your phone, tablet, or laptop if you remotely lock it.

Message Alert

Not all losses are theft, and not everyone’s a thief, try contacting the current device holder.

Anti-mute Alarm

Your device will make a 30-second racket that can’t be silenced to help you locate it.

Control Zone Actions

Configure automatic actions, like the lock, alarm, and alert, for when a device enters or exits a specific Control Zone.

Device Security

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Data Security

Care About Data

Upgraded accounts get extra tools to keep their privacy, well, private. Whether they are documents, custom directories, or user data, wipe it clean or retrieve it to keep it private.

Remote Wipe

Delete cookies, email data, documents, local cloud storage files, and custom directories on lost devices.

File Retrieval

Select and retrieve specific files and avoid losing your work even after the device was stolen.


Remotely encrypt images and documents and log out of cloud storage apps until you recover the device.

Data Protection

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Device Management

Guard Businesses

Enterprise device security and management. Administer fleets of any size, secure their data, and manage them in mass by organizing and launching bulk actions.

Scheduled Automations

Program recurrent, repeating, or one-time actions to streamline daily tasks, such as a curfew lock.

Mass Actions

Quickly schedule and deploy our lock, wipe, alert, and alarm features to multiple devices.

Enterprise INVENTORY

Keep track of your fleets hardware, changes, assign users to devices, and see your fleet’s status globally with the summary dashboard.


Group your devices with custom labels, with a robust search engine that can filter by hardware, OS, user, and a lot more.

Fleet Status Dashboard

View your entire fleet’s activity globally with graphic insights regarding their movements, recent reports, demographics, and checked-in status.

Custom Deployments

Silent and unattended installers for every OS, automatic updates, and custom APKs.

Device Management

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Missing Reports

Recover With Evidence

The recovery begins when you mark a device as missing in the panel. The Evidence Reports will activate and deliver crucial evidence for the police, in custom time-frequencies.

Pictures and screenshots

Active and nearby Wi-Fi

Coordinates and map

Device Information

Mac Address and IP

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