Learn to prevent, know when to react

Keep an eye on your fleet and guard your estate. Prey has a list of security solutions to help you recover, protect and wipe devices. All from one remote panel.


Prey Protection Plan

Supervision and defense made simple


Locate all your devices faster. Experience tracking on demand and in real time, and get geofencing alerts.

plan and react    

Be prepared to act on misplaced devices and protect important data with Encryption, Factory Reset and more.

privacy friendly    

Great for organizations that handle sensitive data; Health, Education, etc. Keep safe and compliant.

Safety first and always


Protect your organization’s data from third party access. Remotely wipe files, cookies, emails, directories and more on stolen or misplaced devices that may be compromised.


Great for loan program managers: lend devices and get them back to new when returned so you cand lend again. This process helps you remain compliant and respect users’ private information.


Laptop stolen? Act fast and prevent data leaks. Press this emergency button for a quick fix solution and render the device unusable in minutes killing its Master Boot Record.


Great to keep Remote Working fleets safe and compliant! Add a strong security layer to your Windows devices and mitigate the risks of losing corporate/ user data, source code, and more.

Wanna know more?

The limits of each of our services varies between operative systems.
You can check the limits of our service here.

Is Tracking + Protection still not enough?
We got you.

Why stop there? We have much more to offer. Manage your fleet adding automated security, device loan tools and more. Check out our masterpiece!

Trusted by millions of people and worldwide businesses alike.

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"(Prey) is a great, super effective tool to keep relevant data and information in a safe and secure way."
"The ability to locate, lock, recover or wipe a protected device brings some peace of mind in such a climate."
"Simple and lightweight. Prey is intuitive, easy to use and easy to install."