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“After a series of break-ins in the college I work at, the thieves finally ended up getting into a classroom and stealing, among other things, 2 laptops with Prey in them. I got my first evidence reports 2 days after the events, and that same day I gave the evidence to the SIP division of the Police Forces. With that, they recovered 80% of what was stolen by the next day!”College Break-in
Santiago, Chile
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San Carlos Apache College

Learn how Prey helps IT Officer Kenneth Chan at the San Carlos Apache College secure and manage their laptop checkout program.

Our Customer’s Experiences With Prey

Protecting +300 Faculty Devices

“Many departments leverage laptops and mobile devices for hands-on learning in class. For us, Prey is the standard package, you get the laptop you get Prey.”

Vince Spiars, Operations Manager
Wesleyan University

Tracking 120 Devices in 24 Clinics

“Prey is great at verifying a computer is in the right hands, it provides us an extra layer of security and helps keep patient data safe and the ability to erase data or lock a computer.”

Markeese Robinson, Chief Information Officer
Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Center

Guarding Company IP in Remote Workforces

“Prey enables us to lockdown a device and retrieve information before a rogue remote employee has time to go in and download files, or delete company contacts.”

Jason Brock, Vice President
Domco Technologies

You're more likely to misplace a phone than have it stolen, new report says

Prey, a company that provides anti-theft solutions for protecting mobile devices, released its 2018 Mobile Theft and Loss report on Tuesday. The company compiled six categories that all theft or loss cases can be sorted into: misplaced, pickpocket, home invasion, robbery, car break-in and business break-in.

CNET // 03/05/2019
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HelpNetSecurity // 07/23/2019
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How to install Prey to keep track of your laptop's location

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