Simplify Device Management, Automate Security.

Track, monitor, and manage multi-os fleets in a single platform that keeps theft at bay and your data privacy compliance automatic with reactive anti-theft and data protection.

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Track & Manage Multi-OS Devices

Unify and monitor your whole fleet seamlessly.

Organize your laptops, tablets, and mobiles in groups and follow their status and position globally. Control Zones will help detect unwanted movements that can be reviewed in time.

Add an extra layer of data privacy compliance.

Make sure your fleet is ready to protect its data safety compliance against incidents that may put legally bound private data at risk using the platform’s custom wipe and file retrieval tools.

React automatically and gather evidence.

Configure automatic reactions upon movement detection to deter theft, and gather evidence to identify the thief. Or set up timed actions, like curfew locks to avoid usage out of office hours.

Why Companies Choose Prey

Advanced Tracking

Follow a fleet’s movements globally, track their locations in time, and delimit Control Zones to detect and react to unwanted area exits or entries.

Advanced Device Fleet Tracking
Use Automatic Triggers When Devices are Moved

Reactive Security

Create automatic triggers for when theft or movement is detected, and use anti-theft tools to block and track your organization’s assets. Recover key files, lock-down the rest, and gather evidence.

Simplified Management

Assign devices to employees, easily group them by usage, hardware, or area, and keep track of any hardware changes or odd behaviors like devices that have been offline for a while.

Organize and Filter Devices for Easy Management
How companies take their IP security to the top with Prey.

Domco Technology

ASHEVILLE, USAProtecting Over 100 devices.

Companies that Use Prey Device Management
"Prey enables us to lockdown a device and retrieve information before an employee has time to go in and download files or delete company contacts."Jason Brock
Vice President, Domco Technology Inc.
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Mobile Theft & Loss Report E-Book 2018
Mobile Theft & Loss Report 2018
Offices are the 3rd most frequent place for device theft (14%), almost matching streets (15%).

Break-ins, internal pickpockets, and misplaced devices account for the majority of all registered events.

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