1:1 Student Device Programs made easy

Check on your device fleet from a single, user friendly panel. Made for Device Admins, Prey is a streamlined yet powerful tool to Track, Secure and Manage your hardware and assignments. Start your next semester with a Loan system in place.

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Boost your student device program. Device Loan Manager lets you check on information about device availability, occupancy, return dates, and prepare for maintenance schedules. Choose to remotely alert users and automate locks when loans are over.


Count on a dashboard made for device administration. Assign hardware, name users, create labels and groups, check on missing and dis/connected devices, etc. There's a lot you can keep track of using our handy tool.


Benefit from Always-on Tracking to keep a log of device locations. Prey uses combined tracking methods, choosing the most accurate results from GPS, WiFI triangulation, and GeoIP to locate phones, laptops and tablets.


Prey for Education Bundle Plan

This is your limited-time* opportunity to try our traditional Tracking Plan abilities,PLUS extra premium features. Starting at $1.20 per device, per year.


● Smart, always-on Tracking
● Location History
● Missing Reports
● Activity Log
● Control Zone Geofences
● Screen Lock

PREMIUM education

● Device Loan Manager
● Remote Alarm
● Alert Message
● Control Zone Actions
● Audit Log
● Factory Reset

* Offer valid through September 30th. Eligible for up to a consecutive 12-month period, on annual plans. Discounts for annual and biannual subscriptions will also apply with this campaign.

Discover the power of Prey

Remote Device Monitoring
Streamlined Loan Programs
Asset Protection
Multi-OS Versatility

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of your assets

Achieve the ultimate peace of mind granted by Always-on Tracking. It means we'll have eyes on your devices 24/7.

Every gadget stores individual Location History and may be assigned to Control Zones, secure perimeters that further your vigilant reach.

Loans but make
it simple

Prep for the upcoming school year with Prey. We offer a solution designed to streamline and automate the process of managing equipment checkouts, with dates, user info, assignments, notifications, and more. But this is not all, once checkout devices are returned, you have the ability to bring them back to factory settings, essentially wiping the slate clean for an upcoming loan.

Handy solutions
to empower you

Keep devices out of harm's way with an array of features that help you react to any wrongdoing. Mark a gadget as missing to get minute-to-minute reports. Fire an alarm, send a message ir even lock it's screen remotely. Find the solution that fits to protect whilst you the machine back.

Trust an adaptable multi-solution

Prey handles almost all the challenges you present it with. Multiple OS's? Apple, Android, Windows, even Chromebooks! Mobile devices? It tackles laptops, cellphones, tablets, and stationary devices too. Large Fleets? With our unattended installation capabilities and easy setup instructions you'll sail safe and sound. Don't forget the power of a great support team, we'll be there for you with quick solutions when you need them.

Thousands of schools trust our work

More than 36,000 education-purposed devices nationwide are under our protection.
We guard and keep tabs to protect valuable department investments.

“The onboarding process was very easy, within 20 minutes, our system administrator had it running and playing with all the features.”

Ethan Dancy, Technology Support Manager at Iredell-Statesville School District
“For us, Prey is pretty important, I would give it an 8 or 9. Prey shows information about the actual device, the location that it may be assigned to and when the information is available.”

Danielle Williams-McGee,  Director of Information Systems at Columbus municipal school district
"Using Prey for the inventory tracking of our laptops gave me immediate peace of mind. I definitely recommend Prey. It's an affordable solution, for me it's a no-brainer."

Kenneth Chan, IT Officer at San Carlos Apache College.
EDU IT Admins prefer our easy configuration and deployment made for multi-OS fleets!

Learn how other Schools are using Prey

San Carlos Apache College

Learn how IT Officer Kenneth Chan at the San Carlos Apache College leverages Prey to secure and track their digital equipment inventory.

Running on a tight budget?

The work you do is special to us, we want to pitch in! Schools and Educational Organizations can access special prices and discounts. Start managing and protecting with our effective yet affordable plans.

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