Enhanced tracking from one to a fleet of devices

We also offer custom plans for Business and Education

Included in all pro accounts

Prey Active Mode

Prey Active Mode

Keep track of your stuff not only when missing but at all times. Active Mode lets you know when your devices last checked in, so you can keep tabs of which of them are connected and which aren’t. You can optionally let Prey scan their hardware and inform you whenever a change is detected.

Up to 2-minute intervals

You can increase the frequency of reports and actions up to two minutes, so that whenever you need it, Prey will respond almost immediately to your requests.

Automated deployment

By upgrading to a Pro account you get access to automated installers which will allow you to deploy Prey in multiple devices in a snap, without having to set them up by hand. Time is money, after all.

We also offer custom plans for businesses, as well as educational and non-profit institutions, who get discounted pricing on all plans.