Enhanced tracking from one to a fleet of devices

We also offer custom plans for Business and Education

Just so you know: we will always offer free Prey accounts for anyone. They can hold up to three devices and store a maximum of 10 reports per device.

Included in all pro accounts

Prey Active Mode

Prey Active Mode

Keep track of your stuff not only when missing but at all times. Active Mode lets you know when your devices last checked in, so you can keep tabs of which of them are connected and which aren’t. You can optionally let Prey scan their hardware and inform you whenever a change is detected.

10x reports per device

Pro accounts allow you to keep ten times the number of reports than free accounts can hold, per device. This gives you a much bigger chance of not losing any important evidence, as when you reach your storage limit for reports the older ones get deleted.

Up to 2-minute intervals

You can increase the frequency of reports and actions up to two minutes, so that whenever you need it, Prey will respond almost immediately to your requests.

Full SSL encryption

All information gathered by Prey is sent via SSL encryption, so you can be sure that no one will ever peek into your valuable information.

We also offer custom plans for businesses, as well as educational and non-profit institutions, who get discounted pricing on all plans.