The KAD Group Case Study

Discover how Prey helped KAD Dental, part of The KAD Group, secure remote operations across 30 locations, ensuring data integrity and business continuity. Learn more about their success story.

KAD Dental, the dental vertical at The KAD group provides best-in-class professional services including marketing, consulting, transitions, and staffing to support dentists in the US. Beyond profitability, success  for The KAD Group means adhering to its five core tenets: Integrity, Substance, Consistency, Competency, and Trust.

We were very excited to talk to Phillip Singleton, Senior Director of Operations at The KAD Group and KAD Dental to understand how challenges in IT affect their business success, and how Prey helped them overcome those challenges.

The problem

With a fully remote team dispersed across different states, the need for secure data management and device integrity became paramount for KAD.

KAD Dental went from managing two offices to securing 30 home connections and remote devices, which significantly increased the risk of losing devices and, more importantly, posed threats to data and key company systems. This meant the company's operations and overall business continuity could be potentially at risk.

Before adopting Prey, KAD Dental experienced the loss of corporate devices during team members' trips, making data control a critical need for the business. KAD Dental’s IT department identified the following challenges:

  • Data Security measures
  • Device Management
  • Proactive strategies for responding to device theft
“Finding PREY allowed us to have greater control over our data in general, but also it allowed us access to control that data in instances of theft or threat”

The Solution

With Prey, KAD Dental is now able to accurately locate all their devices, managing, and securing its business continuity across 30 different locations.

¨We can now feel very confident we have some level of data control both when the devices are in a known secure location and potentially when taken out of that secure environment. This helps our data control efforts greatly.¨

The specific features of Prey that attracted The KAD Group included its ability to monitor the status of all their devices in one central location. Prey provided resource accountability and robust threat protection, addressing the security concerns that had driven KAD Group to seek a solution.

KAD Dental is also using device data available on Prey’s dashboard, including device health, serial, and model numbers.

Results and Impact

With Prey, KAD Dental enables a secure remote working environment for their employees. The results can be summarized in three key aspects.

Multi Platform Solution for Fleet Management

KAD’s fleet consists of 90% Windows devices, and 10% Mac devices. They needed a multi-platform solution that could secure their devices and Prey fit that role.

Securing Data with remote wipe and encryption functionalities

While The KAD Group wanted a solution that could locate their devices if they went missing, they also wanted a panic button if said devices could not be recovered. With Prey, they can remotely wipe or encrypt their Windows devices, so the data stored in their corporate devices can remain safe even if they can’t be recovered.

Peace of Mind

Prey worked with KAD Dental to empower their IT department to work on their strategic challenges and goals, resting assured they have the tools to act upon threats to their devices or company  data.

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