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Only Prey can bring Android, iOS, Windows, Mac & Linux together

It doesn't matter if you have any of these operating systems on your device, you can keep track of them with Prey's tracking software.

February 22, 2017

Do you remember back in the day when having a Motorola phone with a blue backlight and polyphonic MIDI ringtones made you the most popular kid in the block? Those were the days, just you, your phone and lots of spectators learning the wonders of this new tech called texting.

But those trends of phones being a novelty have become a thing of the past. These days, having a cellphone is a given for most people, and each year it has become more common for people to have multiple smart devices such as laptops, tablets, a desktop computer and even a second phone.

Due to this, device and data security has become harder to manage every day, so having a system that manages all your devices and data in just one place becomes the smartest option available.

"But I’ve got an iPad, an Android phone and a laptop with Windows, none of them are compatible with each other”, you might think, and it is understandable, every single one has their own tracking software and security apps to act in case they get stolen or lost, each downloaded from its own store. But for this scenario, there is a solution.

Prey, the security software and tracking app, is available in all these platforms and operative systems, ready to download. Using a single account, you’ll be able to manage, track, check and create reports for each one of your devices, no matter if they're different models, brands or even type.

Thanks to our managing interface, you can check the status of your devices that have Prey installed, no matter if it is the basic version or Prey Pro.

This system is also useful for families that have more than one type of device per group, being able to manage more than one cell phone, tablet, laptop and others, also serving as a basic device manager and getting real time answers if one of them disappeared, was stolen or hasn’t turned on in a while.

Thanks to the GPS systems and Wi-Fi network analysis that Prey uses, not only will you be able to know where the device is, but also take pictures of whoever is using it, and in extreme cases, can wipe all the data in the device remotely from any device using the interface, protecting your data and photos from any ill-intended person.

Protect your family and all your devices with Prey, a solution that brings your whole digital life together in one place.

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